Superman, Doctor Strange, Cowboys & Aliens: Apr 5th Comic Reel


Star Henry Cavill continues his talk with MTV News about the "re-imagined" Superman:

Meanwhile, RadarOnline (via Comic Book Movie) reports newcomer Adam Harris is "in the mix" for the role of Lex Luthor and "has auditioned multiple times for producers." Of course, they mention this in the midst of a story that claims Lindsay Lohan is still in the running for a part in the film.

Release date: 2012?


Almost lost in the churn of April Fools Day gags and WonderCon is this item from The Los Angeles Times Hero Complex in which Patrick Dempsey discusses his campaign to play the Sorcerer Supreme. "There's a whole bunch of people [among the 'Grey's' crew] who are into comics and Marvel, too, on the set and they're like, 'Doctor Strange, that's the one you should do,'" he explains. "At Comic-Con [Marvel was] talking about me playing it and there was a rumor that I'd been cast. I mean, it's something that's kind of out there and, you know, I've been looking at that. It would be a fun one to do. Hopefully, doing something like 'Transformers' is about to show myself in an action situation where I'm not mister-weepy-doctor guy, you know, not McDreamy. You have to change that in people's view. I'm still hungry for other things. I'd love to play Doctor Strange."

Release date: TBA


Here at CBR, we have a video interview with director Jon Favreau and co-writer Roberto Orci. The duo visited the CBR Tiki room we had set up during WonderCon:

Starring Daniel Craig, release date: July 29th, 2011


Star Ryan Reynolds took the stage at WonderCon, Friday and CBR was there as he talked with fans after the successful premiere of new footage. The actor notes that the jokier Hal seen in the initial trailer is only one element of the character. "I would say that in terms of the overall film, Hal is far more aggressive in the movie than he is funny. Once we get into the middle of that second act, everything is pretty significantly serious."

Starring Ryan Reynolds, release date: June 17th, 2011


Shock Till You Drop spoke with stars Brandon Routh and Sam Huntington at WonderCon over the weekend. The two, having become friends on "Superman Returns," looked for another opportunity to work together. "Dylan Dog" happened to have an on-screen duo that fit the bill. "It really fit the relationship between our two characters," said Huntington. "It really works as well as it does because we were able to bring our actual friendship to it."

Release date: April 29th, 2011


Batman-on-Film hears word that Kedleston Hall in the UK may serve as the rebuilt stately Wayne Manor. Of course, BOF raises the "grain of salt" flag on this one. They also note an interview with Marion Cotillard in which she admits to a "summer project." Her status with the film is still unconfirmed.

Release date: July 20th, 2012


Collider talked with Lilly Collins at WonderCon about her upcoming movies. Early in the interview, she discussed her character in the film:

Release date: May 13th, 2011


Heat Vision reports that "Flight of the Concords" star Bret McKenzie will play "an elf" in the prequel films. We still have a few marquee characters uncast, but I'll go for wild speculation and suggest that he'll play Glorfindel.

Release date: 2012


It's a "Booster" photo barrage here at CBR! First, here's a picture of Clark in a familiar stree-side structure:

Also, here's a photo that makes the Blue Beetle look kind of chunky:

Airs: Fridays

Airs: Fridays


WonderCon and my birthday occasionally collide. Luckily, they're a week apart this year, which means I can celebrate properly ... well, once all my stories are filed. Meanwhile, if any of you in the great, wide Internet discover something awesome, disheartening, or just plain weird, let us know! Take credit, come up with a clever nickname, or go anonymous. The choice is yours. Fresh rumors and movie news every weekday morning. I am Erik Amaya, bracing for the future threat of aging.

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