<i>Superman</i> Director &amp; Casting Rumors Continue To Fly

Another day, another go around the superhero movie rumor mill. We're once again taking a pit stop in Metropolis as Moviehole's Clint Morris has a new Superman rumor based on information from an alleged studio insider at Warner Bros.

Addressing recent reports that Jonathan "Jonah" Nolan is the first choice to direct the Man of Steel's next flight, Moviehole's source states:

"Jonathan Nolan is not onboard yet, but it looks like he will get the job. Jonah wants to direct, Chris wants to land him that gig, WB doesn't want to upset Chris. That said, it is far from a done deal -- but with Chris and Emma producing, the odds are with Jonah -- kind of like Michael Mann producing his daughter's first feature: 'How bad could things go?'"

Additionally, while the source says that Warner Bros. decision makers are looking at a television star for the lead role of Kal-El, it's not Zachary Levi they have in mind.

"It is a TV star that they're looking at for the lead - but, despite what that article says, I don't believe anyone has actually tested," says the source. "[He's a] popular TV actor that no one is thinking of, but everyone will be thrilled with if he pulls on the blue tights."

Morris adds to that final clue with one last tease: "Your first guess is likely the right one."

Jon Hamm? Matthew Fox? Ed O'Neill? Clearly, that final bit is a very subjective thing to go on, and all of this should be taken with a grain of salt. That said, it sounds as if the younger Nolan is inching towards the job, and I'd be interested in seeing a television actor like Hamm ascend to the superhero role.

Source: Moviehole

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