Superman Didn't Originally Fight for "Truth, Justice and the American Way"


Besides the fact that some of the critics of Action Comics #900 (where Superman announces that he is going to renounce his U.S. citizenship so that he could be a "citizen of the world" and not have his actions construed as being part of U.S. policy) did not seem to exactly read the book (my uncle forwarded me an e-mail he had received about the topic, asking me if it were true, and man, the article forwarded to my uncle did not even remotely match what actually happened inside the comic book!), an issue that I have is the consistent refrain of "oh, so now it is no longer 'truth, justice and the American way,'" to which I just think back to the specific Comic Book Legends Revealed I did on the subject where I established that the phrase did not start that way in the first place!

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