Comic Legends: Did Superman Almost Have a Son on Apokolips?

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Superman and Lashina were going to have a son on "Batman Beyond"



One of the most memorable storylines on "Superman: The Animated Series" was the two-part series finale, "Legacy," in which Darkseid brainwashes Superman into believing that he is the son of Darkseid and thus attacks Earth...

Superman appears to be in a relationship with Lashina while brainwashed...

Anyhow, Superman eventually broke free of Darkseid's control and returned to Earth to be a hero again.

Again, this was the series finale, with creators Bruce Timm and Paul Dini leaving to do the next DC Animated series, "Batman Beyond."

As it turned out, they originally planned on continuing this story in "Batman Beyond" by revealing that Lashina had a son who ended up deposing Darkseid and declaring war on Earth. Lashina fled to Earth to warn the Justice League, and she also told Superman that the new ruler of Darkseid was THEIR son! Superman has knocked her up during his time on Apokolips.

Obviously, that ended up not happening, but wow, that sure would have shaked things up, now wouldn't it? What's fascinating is that "Superman Returns" later did the whole "illegitimate son" thing, as well, so I guess certain ideas never die, they just ferment and show up in unexpected places!

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