When Marc Teichman Won a Team-Up With Superman!

This is a feature called "Win What's Never Been Won." This is about looking back at the history of comic book contests and showing who the winners were of the various contests (if we can tell who the winners are - I don't think anyone will ever know who won that Clark Bar Superhero Sweepstakes from the late 1970s).

Today, we look at the most awesome comic book team-up of Marc Teichman's life (and I would imagine the ONLY comic book team-up of Marc Teichman's life)!

In the late 1960s, Batman's popularity led Brave and the Bold to become a Batman-centric team-up series (after it was initially just a general team-up series). For a brief period a few years later, when Batman's popularity had dipped a bit, DC decided to try giving Superman his own team-up series, as well, with World's Finest Comics no longer featuring Batman and Superman team-ups, but rather Superman and other heroes. That did not last very long. However, at the end of the 1970s, DC decided that while they did not want to break up Batman and Superman again, they DID like the idea of Superman having team-ups of his own.

When that new team-up series, DC Comics Presents, launched in late 1978, it was the first time that Superman had gained a new ongoing series in...something like almost forty years (since World's Finest Comics, which was in the early 1940s). In any event, in the first issue, there was a contest where fans could suggest the name of the letter column for the series and the winner would appear in the comic book.

Finally, in DC Comics Presents #11 (by Cary Bates, Joe Staton and Frank Chiaramonte), the winner debuted, visiting the Daily Planet soon after Superman was mysteriously attacked by his Justice League teammate, Hawkman.

Marc Teichman, from Staten Island, and Superman then flew around and took photographs all day.

But don't worry, Marc was not just going to be in the story to take photographs (come on, what do you take Cary Bates for? The man is a professional!)...

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