Superman, Constantine, Fantastic Four: June 28th Comic Reel Wrap


Ain't It Cool News has a field report about the upcoming Kryptonian adventure: "McG is out of 'SUPERMAN' and Warner's wants to make it a mandate to get Michael Bay. Apparently he's looking for something big, as he's having trouble getting the budget he wants for his 'Island' project at DreamWorks. Apparently part of the reason Moritz came on-board Supes was that Bay was attached to direct 'I AM LEGEND' for him and former partner, 'HARRY POTTER' franchise and WB-based producer David Heyman. With Adelstein gone from Original, and Sony having inked a deal with DeLuca (which pissed Neal off), he and Heyman are mulling re-teaming up. It doesn't hurt that Neal has close ties to potential Lex Luthor Vin Diesel and was shooting 'STEALTH' in Australia, where WB wants to do 'SUPERMAN.' I know for a fact Neal loves Australia, and he's been trying to convince studios to shoot a lot of his productions there. Heyman, like every other producer on the WB lot, has been trying to get on Supes. Aside from the Potter films, what's going to put him where Joel Silver can't get, is his relationship with Neal and they're combined relationship with Bay." The link also reviews "Constantine" providing a few spoilers.


IESB.net has this to say on casting rumors: "Our own David West got back yesterday from doing TV spots at the King Arthur junket and he can confirm that Ioan Gruffodd is indeed one of the top contenders for a role in Fantastic Four but not for Johnny Storm. He is after the role of Mr. Fantastic himself. He said that it was not for certain but that there should be an official announcement next week."


According to Comics Continuum, actress Gina Torres is providing the voice of Vixen for Cartoon Network series. Torres is a small screen veteran from "Cleopatra 2525" to "24" to starring in "Firefly," as well as being the wife of Lawrence Fishburne.


Also at Comics Continuum, Kirsten Dunst discusses her role in the web-spinning sequel, avoids spoiling the third film and the difference between the types of scenes in the movie. "The hardest thing is just keeping up your energy and to be there in the present when you're so tired because you've done nothing all day," Dunst said. "What is good is that Sam knows that the scenes are the most important thing. Because if they don't work, the whole movie doesn't work, no matter how good the action scenes are. So we'd take all the time that we needed to get everything right, the dialogue. Those scenes are the easiest for me, honestly. Those are the scenes that I like to do. It's the scenes where I have to look at this piece of tape and look at this thing blow up. Then I get picked up and then I scream and then I get picked up and then my head has to turn this way. It's like all those little details. I don't like to do that kind of stuff, so I would just try to nail it in one take. I always try to nail any harness work right away because it's not fun for me. I don't like to do this stuff."


The Seattle Times interviewed Marvel movie guru Avi Arad, who discussed some of the House of Ideas' upcoming projects. On "Hulk 2" Arad said, "he's coming to terms with who he is. 'I've got this curse and I'm going to use it when I need to protect innocent people.' And I think in [the sequel] you'll see a man who understands his problem, is trying to solve it, coming to terms with the Bruce side of it, still trying to reject the Hulk, finding a way to reject it, and there are consequences to that, of course. And who knows? Green turns to gray and all hell breaks out." Arad confesses to having problems with "Doctor Strange:" "We are nowhere with that. That's a tough one to write, but we are working on it. We are trying to find the real Jerry Garcia of the writing community." As for the long discussed "Black Panther," Arad's allegations hearken back to the Don McGregor era more than Christopher Priest: "That's going to be a great movie. We have a great take on it. It's like black Indiana Jones. It can be very interesting." He also said "Thor" is just picking up the hammer: "We've literally just started these discussions. If you're a 'Thor' follower you'll really love the movie, because we've found a really fine balance between Earth and Asgard. It's so big you have to look at it as a "Lord of the Rings" kind of thing."


Speaking of Marvel movies, there's some discussion about the armored Avenger coming to the big screen. Creative team Miles Millar and Al Gough talked to About.com and said that their draft contemporizes the concept in "a very cool action adventure movie." They claimed that no actor is attached, despite persistent rumors of Tom Cruise getting a pencil-thin mustache. Then Dark Horizons chimed in, claiming that former MTV VJ Simon Rex was in the running: "Rex is meeting with Marvel for 'Iron Man' this month. He's been in talks for quite a spell. Reportedly Rex has the look, physique and chops that they want for the role. They seem to keep coming back to him apparently, so don't be surprised if he gets the nod."


Dark Horizons also reports that the new look of the Predator masks "were designed to help prevent Alien Face Huggers from implanting Predators", whilst their longer blades "allow their warriors to lessen the acid splash from Aliens."


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