Superman, Conan, Smallville: May 11th Comic Reel Wrap


Even major media outlets are interested in why a new Krypton-powered film can't get up, up and away. Time Magazine looks at the whole bruhaha, saying, "Superman has a better shot at cool in comic books than he does on the big screen. The new Superman movie -- bogged down for years, partly because the studio can't get an actor to don the tights -- is on its fourth director, McG (Charlie's Angels), but the lead role is still uncast. Jude Law, Brendan Fraser and Ashton Kutcher have been mentioned; Josh Hartnett has already turned it down. 'We have to find Superman,' says Dawn Taubin, president of domestic marketing for Warner Bros. Pictures. 'That's a big, important piece of the puzzle.'"

Meanwhile, Jude Law was interviewed in Playboy, where he discussed the role in similar terms as Paul Walker did: "My greatest fear is that a role like that would define me. The closest I've come to that is with this 'Sky Captain' character. We hope to do a couple more 'Sky Captain' movies, but an original creation feels different. The big question for me at that time was, 'Do I want to be known from here on in as Superman?' I'd feel the same way about being James Bond. They are iconic characters, and there is also pressure in stepping into someone else's tights."


According to IGN's FilmForce, wrestler Triple H is a shoe in to step into the leather boots of the Governator as everybody's favorite Cimmerian. Allegedly, Schwartzenegger approves of the new concept and the grappler taking over the role.


You may have to reset your VCRs and TiVos -- a Variety article (subscription required) notes that after taking a ratings hit at 8PM, the WB is considering moving the show back to 9PM. Plus, USA Today has some interesting cast notes for next season: "[Michael] McKean is set to appear as Edna through September, before joining the cast of the WB series 'Smallville,' which includes his wife, Annette O'Toole."


According to Cinescape, Kiwi actor Cliff Curtis tried out for a part in the Marvel adaptation last Friday on the Fox lot.


According to Comics Continuum, this Saturday's episode of the Milestone adaptation will feature "Just Shoot Me's" Wendie Malick as "Omnara," and have "a surprise," based on comments from Dwayne McDuffie, co-creator of the show.


Of course, the Continuum also has a spoiler-laden synopsis with photos of this week's syndicated episode, "Cirque des Merveilles."


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