When Clark Kent Left the Daily Planet For Good...Until the Superman Movie

He remained at WGBS solely for most of the decade, but with the Superman movie coming out, DC decided to get the Daily Planet back into Clark's life.

In Action Comics #493, Clark is on vacation from the TV station and does a news story as a favor for the Daily Planet and he gets a scoop...

The next issue, he starts back at the Daily Planet...

He now worked for both the TV station AND the newspaper division.

That was the set-up for the rest of the time before Crisis on Infinite Earths. So it was still a change that lasted, but not TOTALLY, since he did end up going back to the Daily Planet for the last eight years or so.

That is it for all of the major changes from the 1971 Superman revamp!

Okay, folks, there are tons of examples of major changes being made to characters, seemingly "forever," that were then reversed, so feel to write in with suggestions for future editions of this column to brianc@cbr.com!

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