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Superman, Blade: Trinity, Spider-Man 3: June 29th Comic Reel Wrap

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Superman, Blade: Trinity, Spider-Man 3: June 29th Comic Reel Wrap


After hearing that McG was gone from the new production, the team at went to work. Their sources allege that McG was “Ratnered” “after he failed to go to a location scout in Australia. WB execs became angry with his failure to make crucial decisions and apparent non-committal attitude in recent weeks. Also, a source at ICM told us that a meeting between Sandy Collora and the WB brass is currently being organized to discuss his possible involvement.” Collora created the fan-film phenom “Batman: Dead End.”


MSN has the new trailer for the blood-soaked sequel online (Windows Media only).


Director Sam Raimi has an interview in the Houston Chronicle where he discussed how many “Spider-Man” movies he’d direct: “As long as I’m interested in the character and have a real curiosity toward what happens to him, I know it’s the right picture. And the moment I don’t feel that, when I’m less interested in him, I don’t want to touch it with a 10-foot flag pole, because I’d be the wrong guy. It would be a terrible failure. People wouldn’t like it. I’ve got to be very, very interested to make a great picture, and I want to try to make a great picture out of Spider-Man. So I could only answer that question after the third one. Or what might happen is, I make the third one, and I might say, ‘You know what, I’m very interested in making the fourth one,’ and the audience says, ‘We really wish you wouldn’t.’ That’s the other way in which I might not be making the movie.”


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