Superman, Blade: Trinity, Smallville: Comic Reel Wrap for October 20


Just in case you were still wondering, it's practically official now that Variety has virtually confirmed the rumors: "Though a deal has not yet been inked, relative unknown Brandon Routh is expected to take on the role of Superman for the long-in-the-works feature. Singer and his crew are headed to Australia next month to begin production."

Meanwhile writer Dan Harris revealed even more plot details to the Chicago Sun-Times. "He'll begin in his late 20s. He lost his powers in 'Superman 2' and now he has the powers back. But something has happened because he's been away for a long time. We're taking off from the first two Superman films with Christopher Reeve. We use his history and then move on with big twists and great special effects. We're not going to do the origin story again. Our view is if you're over 25 years old, then you've seen the Reeve films and that's Superman to you. If you're under 25, then you watch TV's 'Smallville,' and that's Superman to you."

Meanwhile, IESB.net has some rumors about a certain big ticket actor will be getting his Lex Luthor on. "The role of Lex Luthor won't go to an unknown, at least not according to Kevin Smith on a recent interview with the NY Post and other reliable sources. Kevin Spacey is Bryan Singers number one choice to become Superman's arch nemesis. Bryan Singer and Kevin Spacey have been friends ever since the pairing up in the breakout hit The 'Usual Suspects.' Official announcements should be forth coming from Warner Bros. in the next few days." To add more fuel to the fire, Kevin Smith is spreading the hearsay to the New York Post saying "I heard Singer's thinking about [Kevin] Spacey as Lex Luthor, which is awesome."

Finally the Independent suggests that actor Jude Law will play a role in the film, and Moviehole suggests that he will play a Kryptonian villain ... and given that we reported yesterday that rumors of Zod being in the movie ... hmm ...

Oh, before we forget, several people wrote in to help translate the German text with Patrick Stewart, saying that Stewart had only spoken with director Bryan Singer in a "get-well" call after Stewart had heart surgery, and while no talks of Stewart as Jor-El have taken place, the distinguished actor would have no problem leaping into another franchise. Thanks to Mike Hasse, Terry Johnson, Steven Ferrari and longtime reader Stephen Herbster


The official site of World Wrestling Entertainment has a new trailer (Windows Media only) featuring grappler Triple H.


An anonymous reader wrote in to let us know about seeing a private screening of the Keanu Reeves-fueled Vertigo adaptation. It's not a positive review. "As in all movies of this nature, there are twist and turns that can be seen a mile away and it all leads to a climax that involves weapons of holy origin. Keanu brands a Shotgun that shoots holy water and in one scene uses holy brass knuckles (yes, you heard right) to fight against one of the main baddies ... I don't know if this is the finish film but judging by what I saw, the movie is a huge mess from beginning to end."


More tit-for-tat from battling websites, as Kryptonsite has an official press release regarding the DCU guest appearances this season (of course with spoilers).

Meanwhile, Devoted to Smallville caught Annette O'Toole in Smallville Magazine's November issue, talking about the Clark/Lana dynamic. "Martha is clearly frustrated that Clark can't share his secrets with the person he loves most -- Lana Lang. It's a sentiment that Martha's alter-ego shares. It's more complicated to keep the secret from Lana, and if you're gonna tell Pete you might as well tell Lana. I think it would answer a lot of questions and smooth that whole thing over. Martha totally trusts Lana and has a special place in her heart for her because of the meteor shower. If Clark's going to have a relationship with anyone at this point, like a girlfriend, she is really the only candidate. As much as Martha loves Chloe, she's desperately afraid of her because she's so smart. For her to be around Clark is very dangerous. But she's such a great girl and that little foursome of Chloe, Pete, Clark and Lana has such great potential to be really fun. [But] it's gone in a different direction than I thought. Clark's now totally alone and isolated and now he's really out there in the Krypton vapor."


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