Superman & Bizarro team up in new interactive storybook app

LivoBooks has partnered with DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Consumer Products to launch Superman and Bizarro Save the Planet, an interactive storybook app that allows young readers -- OK, probably a few older ones as well -- to control the adventure.

Judging from the accompanying images and video, the app will likely hold some appeal for fans nostalgic for the classic Man of Steel, complete with red trunks. As the title suggests, the story brings together Superman and Bizarro (plus Krypto) for an unlikely team-up against a perhaps equally unlikely foe, one-time Justice League International villain Manga Khan. who's ... traveling the universe stealing famous artifacts.

The premise may be a bit offbeat, but the app, as depicted in the video below, seems kind of fun, even if the motion comic-style animation isn't particularly thrilling. Drag-and-play interactive elements allow readers to direct the story, selecting whether, say, Bizarro or Superman uses his powers against a threat.

The free version of the app includes the first part of the story and a photo page; the version with the complete story and all the bells and whistles costs $3.99. It's available on iTunes and Google Play.

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