Superman, Batman Begins, Smallville, Thor: The Comic Reel Wrap for February 3rd


According to the Hollywood Reporter, "Eva Marie Saint will play Martha Kent, the adoptive mother of Clark Kent/Superman in Bryan Singer's Superman film for Warner Bros. Pictures. Brandon Routh is playing Superman. Saint, who starred in the Alfred Hitchcock classic 'North by Northwest,' co-stars in Wayne Wang's 'Because of Winn-Dixie,' to be released by 20th Century Fox on Feb. 18, and will also appear in Wim Wenders' 'Don't Come Knocking,' to be released by Sony Pictures Classics in the fall."

Meanwhile, Superman-V.com wanted to make sure they debunked rumors of Michael Gambon playing Jor-El in the Brandon Routh-fueled DC adaptation.


Artist Jeff Pittarelli has some allegedly really accurate drawings of Cillian Murphy as the Scarecrow in the Christopher Nolan-helmed Kryptonian adventure. So accurate, in fact, Pittarelli found they made a lovely eBay auction. There's also a better look at the toys from the film over at Action-Figure.com.


The sniping sites are at it again, as they are most Thursdays. Kryptonsite has screen captures of next week's collegiate episode, "Recruit," and of course their arch rivals at Devoted to Smallville have the trailer itself (albeit in Windows Media format).


Finally, if you can't wait until Sunday to get a peek at the Thunder God, those kind people at Reuters left one online for you. Enjoy!


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