Could Superman REALLY Be Getting His Own Arrowverse Series?

There has been a fair bit of news surrounding Superman's live-action incarnations in recent weeks, and if a recent rumor is true, we might be seeing just a bit more of the Man of Steel in the near future.

According to a rumor originating from FandomWire, Warner Bros. is currently looking to shift focus from the DC Extended Universe's Superman to his Arrowverse counterpart, beginning with the upcoming crossover event, Elseworlds, set to air in December. The crossover may serve as a backdoor pilot for a Superman solo series, which means Tyler Hoechlin could soon be getting his own show.

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Hoechlin has been playing the Man of Steel since 2016, when he debuted in the role on the second season of Supergirl. He has continued to appear on the show, but has been limited to guest spots. When contacted by CBR, Warner Bros. declined to comment on these rumors, which leads us to wonder how likely we may be to see a new Superman series?

Tyler Hoechlin's Superman on Supergirl

Although his role has been relatively small, Hoechlin's performance as Superman has been consistently well-received by Arrowverse fans. That's good for Warner Bros., because it means the studio still has one kryptonian to lean on after recently confirmed following weeks of rumors.

The loss of this particular pillar of the DCEU doesn't disrupt Warner Bros.' concept of its film universe since, as of yet, there are no reported plans for Superman in the DCEU. Even the development of the Man of Steel sequel has come to a complete halt. In fact, this situation may simplify things for Warner Bros., since the entertainment company has always had vaguely defined guidelines concerning which characters could simultaneously appear in the Arrowverse and the DCEU. Deathstroke and the Suicide Squad, for example, were OK to appear in both universes at different points in time, while the Flash is very clearly accepted as appearing in two different adaptations, simultaneously.

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