Superman: The Animated Series - When Superman Became a Batman Cosplayer

Welcome to the twenty-fifth edition of Adventure(s) Time, where we look back on a classic animated series and an issue of its tie-in comic with a similar theme. This week -- what happens when you can't tell an episode of Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series apart?

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Airing in the fall of 1998 as The New Batman/Superman Adventures, episodes of each series aired interchangeably, with one opening credit sequence to fit both Batman and Superman. Team-ups and crossovers between the heroes were inevitable, although the producers didn't want to lean on the concept as a crutch. There was also a desire to do these inescapable team-ups in as creative a fashion as possible. One of these attempts turned out to be an episode with such an absurd premise, so utterly Silver Age, Bruce Timm and company were reluctant to go through with it. The producers relented, however, providing fans with one of the strangest episodes of Superman: The Animated Series.

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