Superman and Batman play a blazing game of LEGO basketball

If you're looking for a different take on the classic Batman vs. Superman storyline, look no further than LEGO builder Thorsten Bonsch's recent brick creation.

"In my opinion, they take the whole Superman and Batman theme too serious, therefore I wanted to build something lighthearted," writes the builder in a Flickr description. "After being tired of fighting in Metropolis, Bruce and Clark continue to do so in Smallville, until they damage Kent’s barn and Martha Kent puts an end to the fight. She allows the 'boys' to settle their differences in a one-on-one game."

This LEGO scene, which depicts Batman and Superman going one-on-one just outside the Kent family barn, conjures up warm feelings. Those warm feelings could also possibly be because the barn is on fire, most likely because of a stray heat blast from Superman. You can also see LEGO Ma Kent ready to referee with a rolling pin and LEGO Pa Kent rushing to douse the flames.

(via Brothers Brick)

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