Superman, Aliens vs. Prdator, Blade: Trinity, Hellboy, more: Comic Reel Wrap for October 23rd


[Vin Diesel]Dark Horizons has a tidbit that Vin Diesel is in talks with Jon Peters and director McG about the role of one bald-headed super villain. Delays with scheduling, however, might nix the burly actor's involvement.


Dark Horizons also posted the first artwork from the upcoming sci-fi combination, and a logo treatment. As if that weren't enough, those wacky guys at Filmforce have a complete plot summary with more spoilers than you can shake a second row of teeth at.


Hollywood North Report has pictures from the set of the Wesley Snipes action flick, including the "Blademobile." The links as noted are coded wrong, so to go to the second page, you'd need this link. You're welcome.


Hollywood North Report also has a new photo of the "Hedare Corporation" logo from the Halle Berry film as well (they are holding it down in Vancouver).


Wired gives a shout out to mOcean for their work on the Hellboy trailer and credit them for giving "geek" favorites more mainstream credibility. As well, special effects wizard Mike Elizalde sat down for a Q&A session with Electric Green Bag.


[American Splendor]DVD Answers has the skinny on the upcoming DVD releases specs, including an isolated Music Only track, interviews with Harvey Pekar and Joyce Brabner and the mandatory audio commentary with director and cast which has to be good for some laughs.


Props where props are due -- longtime comics scribe, humorist and all around nice guy Mark Evanier won he sixth annual animation writing award by the WGA West's Animation Writers Caucus, according to Toon Zone. His contributions to shows like "Superman: The Animated Series," "Garfield & Friends," and "Dungeons & Dragons" were cited as some of the reasons he got the prestigious accolade, so congratz Mssr. Evanier!


It's news to us -- Alan Grant told The BBC that he scripted a sixty minute TV special around everybody's favorite Czarnian, "which is so outrageous, I'm sure nobody will ever put it out on the air!" Grant added, "I had to write it anyway -- it was for a Hollywood agency which owns the rights to make a Lobo movie and wanted the original creators to work on it. Keith Giffen and I collaborated on the script; as well as featuring everything that Lobo is infamous for, it features a number of innovations such as Lobo facing Anne Robinson on her quiz show, Lobo being interviewed by Jerry Springer, and Lobo taking part in Fifteen To One!" Thanks to Mark Brash for the heads up on that one.


In what could only be considered a strange cosmic convergence, Superherohype noticed that yesterday (Thursday the 23rd) marked the birthday of both "Spider-Man" director Sam Raimi (44) and "Hulk" director Ang Lee (49). No gift registry was noted.


Finally, Superherohype also noticed that "Daredevil" director Mark Steven Johnson told Variety he'll be doing the widely pubicized "Succubus" (described by Moviehole.net as "When Demonic Supermodels Attack") after he completes the Nicolas Cage-helmed Marvel movie.


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