Superman #682

"Me am happy." Bizarro's appearance in this issue is just one of the threads from the past year plus of the Superman universe that begins to get stitched together in this issue. Part Six of the epic "New Krypton" story, this issue gives Clark some time with his mother and puts the Kryptonians in a position to make a difference on their adopted homeworld.

Unfortunately, there are Kryptonians loyal to Zod involved and we all know about the lack of compassion the Zod loyalists have for inhabitants of Earth. To that end, one of the newer supporting characters, introduced by James Robinson, is silenced in this issue.

This issue is where the slow burn of Robinson's writing begins to make itself known. The have been detractors of Robinson's work on this title saying that his story wasn't moving fast enough, but to those who were patient, this issue provides an "Ah-ha!" moment or two.

As always, Guedes turns in a clean book. This one, however, is packed with excitement, scene changes and guests, villains, and supporting characters aplenty. It's more than some team books would encounter. Guedes does a fantastic job of keeping everyone approachable and recognizable.

This story begins to show some of the true colors of the Kryptonians, which in turn pose a bigger problem for Superman than even he could have anticipated. The slaying of innocents and their subsequent dismissal as "collateral damage" draws a line in the sand in Kandor, and obviously sets the stage for the second act of "New Krypton".

I have found the Superman titles more compelling leading up to "New Krypton" and have been enjoying this storyline to this point. I firmly believe this story will read much better collected, but have still found it engaging in floppy form. I find it a little hard to believe six chapters of "New Krypton" have passed by, as it doesn't seem like a great deal has occurred, but to the converse of that, I have obviously enjoyed those chapters enough to continue to this point. Looking forward, there's going to be some more scuffles, focusing on Kryptonian loyalty and perceptions of right and wrong.

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