Superman #6 Officially Introduces The Brand-New [SPOILER]

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for "Superman" #6, on sale now.

Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason wrap up their “Son of Superman” storyline in “Superman” #6, formally introducing not one but two members of the pre-Flashpoint Superman family to the citizens of DC Comics’ Rebirth universe.

The issue opens as Superman continues to fight The Eradicator inside Batman’s secret base -- on the moon -- while Lois, still donning a set of Bat-armor, tries to ensure her and Clark’s son Jon isn’t the one who gets eradicated. Superman’s getting additional help, though, in the guise of the countless Kryptonian souls once housed within The Eradicator’s form, who have broken free and decided to help prevent the termination of the half-Kryptonian Jon.

One of the aforementioned Kryptonians who returns this issue is the very last one freed from The Eradicator construct; namely, super-canine Krypto, who was last seen being assimilated into the creature a few issues ago. Having been freed by Superman, Krypto and his master in turn collectively deliver the literal knockout punch to The Eradicator, destroying Batman’s moon base in the process, but freeing the villain’s imprisoned souls. Superman informs the fallen Eradicator that Jon is the heir to the House of El’s legacy, a proclamation affirmed by the freed souls who form an illuminated House of El “S” symbol in the skies before dissipating.

All of the fighting is caught by amateur astronomers and NASA cameras, and broadcast for the world to see. As Superman sets right the abandoned Apollo lunar module and American flag that were toppled during the battle, his actions are likewise caught on camera and serve as an announcement to the world that he has stepped in to serve as its Superman. The moment is captured in a full-page image by Gleason and inker Mick Gray that evokes the iconic cover of the original “Superman” #6 from 1940, with the added touch of Superman standing on the moon’s surface with his second adopted world, now under his protection, behind him.

With Superman accepting his new role and Krypto seemingly back from the dead, the final third of the issue serves as a pseudo-epilogue to Tomasi and Gleason’s arc that introduces a new super-being to readers. After receiving the key to the city from Metropolis’ mayor, Clark has a talk with Jon regarding his powers; not only regarding keeping them a secret, but also how to hide them with his very own pair of fake glasses, and when to use them. Superman and Jon then head back into space, this time to the Justice League watchtower, where Clark introduces Jon to Batman and Wonder Woman as the brand new Superboy.

“Superman” #7, hitting shelves on September 21, is scheduled to be the official “Son of Superman” epilogue.

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