Superman Variant Cover Shows Legion of Super-Heroes Recruiting Superboy

With the Legion of Super-Heroes set to make their return to DC comics, one omember of the team's newest incarnation is the current Superboy, Jon Kent. And from the looks of a variant cover for Superman #15, the Legion is all too happy to have the Teen of Steel join their ranks.

This vibrant "DC Dialogue Cover" by artist Ivan Reis shows the Legion rushing through a portal, with Lighting Lad informing Superman that it's actually Superboy they're looking to recruit. To complete the image, part of Lightning Lad's dialogue merges with the Superman title logo, as Lightning Lad tells the Man of Steel to step aside.

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Since the team's debut in 1958's Adventure Comics # 247, the Legion of Super-Heroes have been heavily associated with the character of Superboy, as a young Clark Kent was not only a member of various iterations of the team, but also served as the group's inspiration.

However, thanks to a retcon, things have been changed so that Jon is not only the first Superboy to join the team (rather than his father), but is also the creator of the United Planets. This not only ties into the characters being a new version of the Legion, but the latter part of the retcon gives a new reason as to why the Legion wants Superboy in their ranks.

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Written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Ivan Reis and Joe Pardo, Superman #15 goes on sale Sept. 18 from DC Comics.

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