SUPERIOR WEEK: Superior Unveiled

When Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu's Icon comic "Superior" hits stands on October 6, the reading public will be introduced not only to the titular hero of the piece but also to his mild-mannered alter ego: Simon Pooni.

That's the name of the winner of Millar's eBay auction to benefit a special needs unit in a school where his brother, Dr. Bobby Millar, has been raising money for a new mini-bus. All told the auction brought in £3,100.00 or nearly $5,000.00 for the good cause, which gives reason for Pooni and the Millars to be flying high.

To celebrate, CBR News is proud to present the final installment of our special SUPERIOR WEEK with two pieces of new surrounding the series. First off is confirmation that the book will sell for $2.99 at retail even though some early sources had quoted a price of a dollar more. And second, Yu sent along an exclusive first look at the final cover and trade dress for "Superior" #1:

To catch up with all the new on the series, check out the rest of CBR's SUPERIOR WEEK coverage, including our interviews with both Mark Millar and Leinil Yu and our exclusive first look at the books interior art.

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