"Superior Spider-Man" Returns in August with "Spider-Verse" Prelude

Just weeks after the often controversial -- and undeniably popular -- "Superior Spider-Man" wrapped with issue #31, Marvel has revealed that the series will return in August for a two-issue stint, picking up where the numbering left off and leading directly into the "Spider-Verse" event.

"Superior Spider-Man" #32 and #33 are scheduled for August and September, respectively, from the writing team of Spidey mastermind Dan Slott and his frequent collaborator Christos Gage, along with art from Giuseppe Camuncoli (illustrating issue #32) and Adam Kubert (#33).

These "Superior Spider-Man" issues will once again star Doctor Octopus' consciousness controlling Peter Parker's body, telling the story of the nine hours the title character was displaced from the timeline in "Superior" #19. "Is this an untold chapter of the past, a tale of the future, or both?" Gage asked Marvel.com.

The story serves as prelude to "Spider-Verse," the October-debuting event featuring "every Spider-Man ever," at least among the ones legally within bounds to use.

"'Superior Spider-Man' #32 kicks off the edge of Spider-Verse," said Marvel's Spider-Man line editor Nick Lowe. "Superior Spider-Man finds himself in 2099, finally a time where science and intellectual advancement is at least closer to his genius. He needs to find his way home, but things get a little more complicated than that."

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