Superior Spider-Man's True Identity Is No Longer A Secret

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Superior Spider-Man #1 by Christos Gage, Mike Hawthorne, Wade von Grawbadger, Jordie Bellaire and VC's Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

What started off as a controversial storyline quickly turned into a comics goldmine when Marvel transferred Doctor Octopus' consciousness into the body of his longtime foe, the Amazing Spider-Man. The Superior Spider-Man followed Otto Octavius as he took on Peter Parker's mission as a superhero, in his own unique way.

It's during that time in Peter's body that Otto met and fell in love with Anna Maria Marconi. Their relationship eventually ended when Peter regained control over his body and told Anna Maria the truth behind Otto's deception. To his credit, Otto left Anna Maria alone, although he did set up residence in San Francisco at Horizon University, which is also her new city and employer.

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Going by the alias of Elliot Tolliver, Otto divides his time between being an instructor by day and the Superior Spider-Man by night, with the goal of surpassing Peter Parker in every conceivable way. The only category in which he finds himself lacking is a personal life. Sure, Dansen Macabre flirted with him during a mission, but since Otto hired her Night Shift as his eyes and ears on the streets, he can use the excuse of mixing business with pleasure to decline her advances. Otto only seems to have eyes for Anna Maria, but he knows he can't expose his true self to her.

Well, Superior Spider-Man #1 solves that problem by having Anna Maria deduce that Elliot Tolliver is really Otto Octavius.

The Superior Fraud

It only took the first issue of his new solo title for Otto's world to come crashing down. He openly admitted to being attracted to a woman for her mind, and Anna Maria put hers on display when she confronted him with a truth bomb. She correctly picked up on Elliot Tolliver having the physical appearance of Peter and Otto, his presence in The Clone Conspiracy, and both Elliot and the Superior Spider-Man showing up in San Francisco at the exact same time.

Knowing Otto's history of being a power-mad criminal, Anna Maria made sure not to confront him alone: She brought some backup in the form of the Living Brain, Otto's former mechanical servant. The Living Brain was always loyal to Anna Maria (Otto even hid his consciousness in it after leaving Peter's body), so it's not a surprise to see it make a return. Otto blew up the last version of the machine, but Anna Maria rebuilt it and kept the old school whirrs and clicks for old time's sake.

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Anna Maria threatened to turn Otto over to the police, because she doesn't feel he can be trusted to change his ways. However, she never got the chance, because the cosmic villain Terrax the Tamer crashes into the city. Anna Maria allowed Otto to race off to face Terrax, which should make for an interesting battle. A villain as powerful as Terrax will test whether Otto really is the Superior Spider-Man, and if he can somehow find a way to win, it could convince Anna Maria to let him remain. You never know ... Anna Maria may even represent for Team Superior Spider-Man.

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