Superior Spider-Man Was the Right Comic At the Wrong Time


Another big shakeup is coming over to Marvel, with the revelation that Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott will be leaving Spidey to handle Iron Man. Slott’s tenure with Spider-Man has been a big deal from the start, since he picked up the character right on the heels of his marriage coming to a controversial and abrupt end.

Of his many changes to Spider-Man canon, though, one of the biggest was the Superior Spider-Man storyline, which saw Doctor Octopus swap brains with Peter Parker just before the villain’s body could expire. In his final moments, Peter uploads his original memories to Ock’s newly hijacked body, and the villain realizes not only that the two of them have similar backgrounds, but that Peter has been the hero of their eternal battle. Then, with Peter officially dead, Otto gives himself a new costume, vowing to continue his former-nemesis' fight against crime. However, he also vows to do so better than his predecessor ever could, and the Superior Spider-Man is born.

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When Superior first arrived on shelves, it was met with a fair share of anger and criticism. That's nothing new in the world of comics, but the Spider-Man has experienced more backlash than most, be it the response to the Clone Saga, One More Day, or even the addition of multiple Spiders to his world, such as Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen and Kaine. Replacement heroes, of course, are always noteworthy for sidelining the primary hero in order for someone else to take over their mantle for a short period of time. With the Peter Parker-starring Amazing Spider-Man 2 film arriving a year and change after Superior had started, there was never any real worry of Ock-Peter lasting longer than a year, which undercut some of the suspense. Still, the book proved to be more than an attention grabbing headline, with Slott and company presenting a truly novel and interesting tale about a villain attempting to become something better than his old self.

There were issues with the book, to be sure; existing in the lead up to the Avengers' Infinity storyline meant that every one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes were weirdly oblivious to Peter's more than erratic behavior at the time. There's also definitely something... iffy about how the comic approaches Ock as Peter attempting to build a new relationship with Mary Jane. But overall, it's a solid comic whose biggest flaw is that Slott told it for Marvel NOW! five years ago, and not Marvel Legacy today.

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