Superior Spider-Man Fights Doc Ock In "Spider-Man Unlimited" Game Trailer

Since it's launch last September, Gameloft's "Spider-Man Unlimited" game has grown to feature dozens of playable leading Spider-characters, including Scarlet Spider, Spider-Man 2099 and the newly redesigned Spider-Woman. Now Marvel is teasing the game's next update -- or "issue" -- which will bring the Superior Spider-Man face to face -- and web to tentacle -- with Doctor Octopus.

The minute-long trailer features a sinister monologue from Doc Ock as well as slow motion footage of the Superior Spider-Man coming under attack from the tentacled scientist. The matchup will have fans scratching their heads a bit since the Superior Spider-Man is actually the moniker used by Otto Octavius while in control of Peter Parker's body. To find out what event causes these two to clash, check out "Spider-Man Unlimited" on Apple iOS, Android OS and Windows Phone 8.

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