"Superior Spider-Man" #25

This January, the Superior Spider-Man reaches his landmark 25th issue - but will it be his last?! From all-star creators Dan Slott, Christos Gage, and Humberto Ramos comes the shocking conclusion of Darkest Hours! For years, the symbiote has tried to return to its original host - and now it finally has! Peter Parker was strong enough to overcome the symbiote's dark grasp - but is Otto Octavius? The Superior Spider-Man is no more. There is only...the Superior Venom!!

It's all been leading to this! As the Superior Venom battles the Avengers - the Goblin King's final pieces fall into place. And seeds sown here bear bitter fruit in the upcoming Goblin Nation arc! Not everyone will make it to issue #26. You cannot afford to miss the utterly shocking SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #25!

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