Superior Foes of Spider-Man #17

Writer Nick Spencer and artist Steve Lieber bring about the end of an era in "The Superior Foes of Spider-Man" #17. Featuring a Steve Lieber cover that pays tribute to the post-credit scene from the "Avengers" feature film with a little extra wink and nod thrown in for good humor, this comic book recognizes the good fortune it found throughout this series and celebrates it.

"The Superior Foes of Spider-Man" #17 gives readers a chuckle right from the start as Steve Lieber replaces the New York Mets logo on Demang Pendak's jersey with a comical dismissal. That switch-out is amplified by Rachelle Rosenberg's adherence to the Mets' color scheme as this comic continues to hit the same comical notes that have made this series a fan favorite. Behind the scenes breakdowns of Boomerang's greatest scam are punctuated with callout arrows that slap humor onto the panels, with Mach VII's civilian identity, a swap of paintings and real latex all getting introductions.

Spencer writes "The Superior Foes of Spider-Man" #17 from Boomerang's perspective. Much of the narration is set in passive description of Lieber's visual story, adding depth to the tale and spreading the story deeper than a collection of visuals. Spencer and Lieber have forged a tight enough collaboration throughout this series that when the writer dials down the narration, Lieber steps in with stronger storytelling and visual humor, giving readers just as much to chuckle about as Spencer's script delivers. One scene in particular, involving Boomerang's ex-girlfriend, is completely carried by Lieber's deftness to transform Spencer's story into a progression of imagery.

In addition to snappy storytelling, the visual crew of Lieber, Rosenberg and letterer Clayton Cowles include a new tagline for the Shocker, who makes a dynamic entry into the gang war this series has been building towards. Colors, art and letters all merge together throughout the story in explosions and declarations, revelations and punch lines, inviting the readers to do more than just gloss over the pages of "The Superior Foes of Spider-Man" #17.

This series has been an oasis of ridiculousness, which as handled by Spencer and Lieber, makes for entertaining, top-of-the-stack reading, and this final issue of the series is no different. "The Superior Foes of Spider-Man" #17 includes appearances from the Owl, Black Cat, Doctor Doom, the Punisher, Iron Man and more as Boomerang regales the readership -- and a mysterious, but incredibly relevant shadowy figure -- with the culmination of events over the course of this series. Rather than tidy everything up in a nice, final bow, Spencer and Lieber bring readers a satisfactory conclusion, but leave the world they've created prepped and waiting for future visits.

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