Superior #1

Story by
Art by
Leinil Yu, Gerry Alanguilan
Colors by
Clayton Cowles
Letters by
Dave McCaig
Cover by
Marvel Icon

It feels strange to have more than one creator owned title coming out for Mark Millar, especially when the other one, "Nemesis," has had massive delays for only 3 issues. This comic is a very different beast from the blood-soaked and violent "Nemesis." This one feels like a family friendly tale; It's basically "Big" meets Superman. It also includes not very family-friendly language, which I think is a mistake.

The opening scene is ripped from the silver screen as Superior 5 is watched by the main character, Simon Pooni. It's a good, though obvious, way to show how this moral and powerful hero is viewed by the world, but it didn't need seven pages to get the idea across. As good as the terrible puns and bad acting are, it's a waste of a third of this issue. We then set up the story of Pooni, as a kid who coulda been a contender, he coulda been somebody, but instead he's a kid with multiple-sclerosis. And he gets picked on lots by other jerks.

I don't mind the whole "Big" rip off, quite honestly, but it's strangely executed via a cosmic monkey who grants Pooni one wish. I'm just going to say, the scene is weird. It certainly doesn't make sense, though I'm sure it will be returned to, but right now it was just strange and not in keeping with the whole vibe of the comic. Though that might not be fair to say because, by the end of this issue, I have no idea what the vibe of this comic is. It hasn't staked a claim just yet.

I am a massive Yu fan. I am still waiting for him to draw an ongoing I love, but until that day I still check his work out. With that said, he underwhelms me here. Maybe he just didn't have too much to play with, but there is only one thing that sticks with me visually here: the monkey. Yu draws the monkey so damn well that I don't care if it only speaks eight times, I would rather buy a spin off for this little guy.

You know how this comic is about the kid who mysteriously gets a wish granted and he turns into his favourite superhero, Superior? Yeah? Well, after reading this issue that's about all you'll still know. You'll know that Pooni is a sad little kid struck down by fate. You'll know his mother is excessively hot and young. You'll know that the world no longer cares about Superior. You'll know Millar could successfully write a very bad sequel to any number of superhero movies. You'll know the basics, but I can't guarantee you'll care. I'm going to give the second issue a try; At least Millar is enough of a champion to keep his work at the $2.99 price point, but don't feel like you have to stick with this series. You can probably catch the movie before the final issue ships.

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