Opposites Attract: 15 Superheroes Who Got Nasty With Their Villains

Heroes and villains have been pummeling each other since the first comic book shot its way across the sheets, spewing its inky print and staining that pure whiteness with colors and marvelous magic. Of course, normally, this physical intercourse is of the violent kind, punches and mayhem, massacres and murders. But occasionally, just occasionally, the heroes and villains put down their swords and goblin gliders and get down to that most holy and perfect of human experiences -- getting nasty with someone you hate.

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Yes, that's right kids, you heard it here first: you don't need to have sex with someone you love, you can do it with someone you hate, especially if both of you have a lot of pent up rage, repressed emotions, and punch each other while wearing costumes. (Heck, that's some people's definition of sex already, and as long as it's consensual hey go nuts!) Some heroes and villains get it on once or twice, but others get it on so much that it's practically a marriage... oh, except for those rarer times where the two actually get married. We are here to look back on the best (and worst) of the heroes and villains who got nasty on the rooftops, between sheets, or flying through the sky, basically spitting in God's eye. Here are some of the filthy superpowered perverts around -- heroes and villains who put their fight away so they could make out another day.


Gwen Stacy of the mainstream universe isn't technically a hero, just a hero's girlfriend; however, Spider-Gwen is a hero, so this one counts (kinda?). Gwen Stacy, back before being so unceremoniously dropped off a freaking bridge by the Green Goblin, was Peter Parker's long time boyfriend. After a while though, she and Peter had some troubles and she left, going to Europe for awhile to clear her head. Not long after she got back, she'd lose her life in a battle in the skies between Petey and Norman Osborn, his nemesis, the Green Goblin.

But before that, when she was still in Europe, she'd lose her maidenhead to Norman Osborn. Yes, that's right, she died shortly after screwing Green Goblin. That's not all. As revealed in J. Michael Straczynski's Amazing Spider-Man, Sins of the Fathers arc, she even had children with him. That's not gross at all. Nope. Definitely not.


Batman and The Joker have had a lot of "foe yay" over the years -- with the Joker professing his love for Batman and the Batman calling him a filthy degenerate (what a flirt), but the two never bumped uglies (unless you count punching) until 2011. That's when the two were revealed to have had a long-standing marriage, one that resulted in the birth of a child, whose death tore their family apart. Unfortunately, this only happened in Flashpoint, but still!

Flashpoint revealed that the night of Thomas and Martha Wayne's death, Bruce died in their place. The two parents were brokenhearted and in his grief, Thomas Wayne became the Batman; a cruel killer who would seek vengeance with a gun, wreaking havoc on all of the scum of the underworld; meanwhile, Martha went... off a bit. She became a dark and vengeful Joker, still in love with Batman. After the Flash revealed the truth of their world the two held each other, sharing a kiss. Now, if the mainstream universe Joker and Batman could just admit how they feel for one another... without fisticuffs.


Catwoman and Batman are almost certainly one of the most famous couples in all of comic books. Whether it's in Gotham's young love vibe, the weird borderline pornographic Frank Miller stories, the New 52 comics that cross that border, the Earth One stories where they marry, or the most recent Tom King written Batman issues where Bruce proposes -- no matter where you are in the multiverse, Catwoman and Batman are there being unavoidably drawn together.

Also, the two knock boots a bunch -- on rooftops, in mansions, with their costumes on (because they're kinky); y'know, wherever. The two never fully settle into an equal role with each other, but that doesn't stop them from going at each other like two rutting beasts in a pack of wild animals fighting over a scrap of meat... a scrap of sexy, sexy meat.


Batman's relationship with Talia al Ghul has been portrayed... differently throughout the years. Sometimes he loves her, sometimes she's just a girl with a crush, and sometimes she goes as far as to rape him to steal his genetic material to make a child with him. No matter the version though, at some point, Batman and Talia end up hooking up.

It makes sense, you know. After all, her father, Ra's Al Ghul, says the only chosen heir who could take over for him is Batman and pop culture knowledge states that all girls want to marry men who resemble their fathers. Of course the two don't get married, just hook up, which resulted in young Damian Wayne, the newest Robin, and potentially the coolest of them all.


Cyclops has been a member of the X-Men since the beginning. Emma Frost only appeared as recently as Uncanny X-Men #129, where she was a member of the Hellfire Club, a team of evil mutants who came into conflict with the X-Men. Eventually, Emma and Cyclops hooked up and she even began to teach mutants how to control their powers, remaining a cold and hard, but good, mutant. The fact that Cyclops and Emma Frost didn't have a relationship sooner is actually a bit of a surprise.

Of course, this relationship -- which started out as an affair -- was always going to lead to a lot of ugly things. After Cyclops died from the effects of the Terrigen mist (which created Inhumans but killed mutants) during the first issue of Death of X, Emma Frost created a psychic projection of him, making it seem like he died in battle against Black Bolt. Partially because of this, a war broke out between the Inhumans and X-Men and ever since then, Emma Frost has been heading down a darker and darker path.


Black Cat and Catwoman are similar characters, both steal both are cat burglars, and both have had long relationships with the heroes who are supposed to be chasing them. However, unlike some of the others on our list, where the hero and villain only had a one night stand or a long flirtation, Black Cat and Spider-Man actually full-on dated.

The two were a couple for a while, but eventually Peter returned to Mary Jane... because of course he did. Lately their relationship has been on the rocks as, during the Doctor Octopus saga in Superior Spider-Man, Octavius in Peter's body beat Black Cat bloody and left her to be taken in by the cops. After that, she's turned darker, taking over New York's underworld as a new, different kind of a Kingpin.


Daredevil is the man without fear... or sight... yet somehow he still dates really hot women, like, all the time? You'd think looks wouldn't matter to you if you literally cannot view them, but somehow, they do. Like his sexual conquests, Daredevil has fought dozens of people, but one of his longest running frenemies is the Greek Elektra Natchios.

The two of them crossed paths in Daredevil #168, a comic written by Frank Miller. Not long after, the two fell in love and eventually Elektra died. She's come back, sometimes as a lover, sometimes as a fighter, but no matter what, she and Daredevil are inexplicably drawn to each other like a magnet to uh... another magnet? Except when these magnets touch, they do sex stuff. This is a bad analogy. Anyway, Daredevil and Elektra bone.


This is a bit of a weird one because it's not really Supergirl and it's not really Lex Luthor. On an alternate, Superman-less, Earth, a good Lex Luthor created a being he called Matrix to help defend the world. Eventually she arrived in the mainstream DC Universe and, after being taken in by the Kents, became Supergirl! She went to Metropolis where she met a man, falling in love with him.

However, little did she know he was secretly a clone of Lex Luthor with the original Lex's brain, who was built to save himself from the cancer that was ravaging his body. His identity hidden, he passed himself off as Lex Luthor's nonexistent son, and the two fell deeply in love... before she discovered he was cloning her. Ah, young love... isn't that always the way?.


Sue Storm has been the damsel in distress since pretty much her first appearance. The one man who keeps distressing her, in good and bad ways, is the King of Atlantis, Namor. Now, we're not entirely positive that the two have actually hooked up, as the comics haven't explicitly stated that. However, it's not too hard to read between the lines and see that -- especially when Sue was "evil" -- there were plenty of chances for them to get it on... and, well, probably did.

Some might scoff at the suggestion as Storm is dating or married to Reed for the entire run of Fantastic Four. Look, the Richards and Storm families are some of the smartest and most futuristic families ever; you think they're still doing anything as prosaic as monogamy? But if Namor's not enough for you, we've also got some Doctor Doom. During Secret Wars (2015), when Doom rewrites the Universe, he makes it so that Sue Storm is his wife, his loving wife. If you don't think they got it on, well... we can only hope.


Ant-Man has a weird past. Some comics depict him shrinking down to tiny sizes to sexually please people. In others, he's a woman abuser. In still others, he's merged with his creation Ultron in something that distinctly resembles a BDSM relationship. All of those are Hank Pym, but there have been a couple of Ant-Men. The Ant-Man we're specifically discussing right now is the Scott Lang version, the hero of the recent Nick Spencer written Astonishing Ant-Man and of the MCU's Ant-Man.

He had sex with the villain Beetle, who appeared in the also Spencer written The Superior Foes of Spider-Man. She's not a super evil villain, but she's still terrible, and Ant-Man and her get it on just all the time. She's also seduced Iron Man, during the Superior Foes series. She and Scott spend their last moments together as their universe is exploding (an event that would lead to Secret Wars) having drunk sex as seen during the Last Days of Ant-Man event.


Jem and her Holograms have long been enemies of the Misfits for decades it seems. Since back when the cartoon was still on, the two bands seemed as opposite as could be; about as different as the Crime Syndicate and the Justice League. Then came Kelly Thompson and Sophie Campbell's IDW series, Jem and the Holograms. Here, the Misfits and the Holograms came together... in love.

Okay, it wasn't all of them... or most of them... barely any of them in fact. It was sole Hologram Kimber, a red-haired lesbian with fire in her heart, who fell for the smooth and awesome Misfit Stormer. Their relationship together has had its ups and downs (especially as the Misfits might have tried killing the Holograms at one time), but through it all, the two stick together and stay strong. If the Holograms and Misfits ever break up, maybe we'll get a Kimber and Stormer duo group? Who knows!


Wolverine is, how should we say this, a player. He's been with basically every woman in comics, and a couple of women in real life too. Heck, he's even bedded Squirrel Girl, which is just a horrifying prospect, if only for the fact that she's like 19. But of the woman he's been with, the one who is his best match, is the villainous Mystique.

The two have been together on and off again for years, meeting lips as much as punching fists. After Logan dies, Mystique is even one of the few in the Logan Legacy, one who is trying to help protect his legacy, and mourn him after he's gone. In an alternate timeline, she and Wolverine conceived a child named Raze who is pretty much exactly the type of child you'd imagine Wolverine and Mystique to have.


You might think Wasp and Magneto a strange couple and you'd be right! Most times the two aren't anywhere near each other. It took a world made for Battle to bring them together, the two of them kissing in the destruction and chaos amidst the original Secret Wars. In some versions of the Marvel tales, such as the Ultimate Universe, Wasp is actually a mutant so this could make a ton of sense, but also just feels... weird.

While it's "revealed" as a trick that the Wasp was perpetrating on Magneto, who knows what happened between the panels? Remember, Magneto does have the power of magnetic attraction. If that's not enough for you, the comic Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars would later reveal that Deadpool and Wasp ALSO hooked up during the original Secret Wars... though it's Deadpool so who knows!


Honestly, this coupling just makes sense. Who could really have sex with the Juggernaut aside from a Hulk? Who could have sex with a Hulk aside from a Juggernaut? It's a match made in some weird, twisted heaven. Now, to be clear, the two aren't exactly diehard foes, but Juggernaut is evil and She-Hulk attempts to protect small, unprotectable minorities from corporations driving them from their homes.

Yet, despite that, over in Uncanny X-Men #435, the two absolutely destroy a bedroom with their wild fling. Worse yet was the fact that She-Hulk was Juggernaut's attorney at the time! He knocked out Rhino and then the two of them had a chat about women's rights, which, as was customary in comics at the time, inexplicably led to banging. Honestly, this is a power couple we can get behind.


Madame Hydra is one of the most powerful and deviant characters in the Marvel Universe, and she and Wolverine have spent a lot of time knocking boots. One of her most sinister plots involved her blackmailing Wolverine into marrying her as part of a diabolical plot... but also because she totally had fee-fees for him. Later she would appear in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as a semi-cybernetic being who would fall in love with Leopold Fitz, an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

She would even go so far as to lock him in a mental Matrix-esque prison, and trick him into falling in love with her. As the saying goes, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! It turns out that Viper herself is the one who put out a hit on Wolverine that eventually led to him dying during Death of Wolverine.

Can you think of any other strange bedfellows? Let us know in the comments!

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