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Deus Sex Machina: 15 Superheroes Who Banged A God

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Deus Sex Machina: 15 Superheroes Who Banged A God

If you put enough superpowered people together in a fight for their very lives, a few of them are bound to fall for each other. Come on, the Avengers Mansion is practically the reality show house from The Real World — put everyone together and see what happens. That’s why superheroes are hooking up with one another all the time. The Justice League’s satellite can also turn into its own hookup haven for some. Even Titan’s Tower has been a hot spot for sextracurricular activities. Not everyone is happy with simply hooking up with their teammates, though. Some of them like a challenge. What’s the next step up from a superhero? Why, a god of course!

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On many occasions, superheroes have done the deed with gods and goddesses. There are demigods who walk among the superhero community, join their super teams, and love their teammates like mere mortals do. One night stands often happen, though relationships can also form. Celestial beings, interdimensional demons, and omnipotent beings need loving too, after all. Basically, all’s fair in love, according to the gods and superheroes. At least everyone has a good time, right? Here are 15 superheroes who have managed to bang a god.


Superboy is the clone of Superman. Wonder Girl is the daughter of Zeus, making her a demigod. These two were THE teenage romance of the Teen Titans through much of Geoff Johns’ run on the title. After all the teasing and hinting, the two finally seal the deal in Teen Titans Annual #1 right in the middle of Infinite Crisis.

Following Superboy’s street fight with Superboy-Prime, Conner requires time to heal before he can go back into battle. Superboy and Wonder Girl take a moment to get away from everything by retreating to the Kent family farm, the ultimate love hotel. They spend the night in the barn and do the deed before Superboy flies off to meet his demise. At least DC gave him a nice sendoff before he was killed.


She Hulk has sex with Hercules She Hulk 30

She-Hulk #30 by Peter David and Val Semeiks opens with Jen and Hercules already having boned. How did this happen, you ask? Keep reading! Turns out the two fought in battle together and in celebration of their victory, She-Hulk and Herc hooked up. The superpowered couple take a tumble on a couch, destroying it in the process.

Jen says that she decided to sleep with him because it felt nice to be this close to immortality. Maybe that’s a not the best reason for some, but we’re not here to judge. To her, it’s certainly not the worst reason she’s ever had for sleeping with someone, and that’s good enough for us! Things don’t last long as She-Hulk pushes him out the door and abandons him while he’s naked. Sorry, Herc, she isn’t going to be calling you back.


Fans have wanted to see Superman and Wonder Woman in a relationship for years, but that pesky thing called marriage always seemed to be in the way. We saw what Kryptonian-Amazon lovemaking looked like in The Dark Knight Strikes Again when the two destroyed whole cities in mid-coitus. It wasn’t until the New 52 erased Clark Kent’s marriage to Lois Lane that we got to see them together in the mainstream universe.

Diana’s status as a god has always been in flux, but in the New 52, her origin made her the direct daughter of Zeus himself (instead of clay brought to life), cementing her as a demigod in the Greek pantheon. Fans probably got more of this relationship than they wanted when they became DC’s marketing focal point for several years.


Jimmy Olsen is no superhero, but in Countdown to Final Crisis he did briefly begin a career of crime fighting as Mr. Action when he met Forager. She showed up on Earth to investigate the deaths of the New Gods and determined that Jimmy’s new superpowers came from his status as a soul catcher.

The two begin a relationship and start living together while they investigate the mysteries surrounding the New Gods and Jimmy’s powers. She has no trouble walking around naked in front of her “Olsenbug” and can be seen wearing his clothes around the house. By the end of the series, once there are no more mysteries, their relationship falls apart and Forager moves on. It’s too bad for Jimmy because a Bug of New Genesis might be the closest he ever gets to sleeping with a god.



The being called the Beyonder is an all-powerful entity who can practically do anything he wants to reality. He can even make women love him, if he so chooses. He falls in love with Dazzler in Secret Wars II #4 and tries everything he can think of to woo her without controlling her. He takes her all over the world, shows her the beauty of the universe, and proves to be a charming date.

By the end of the night, he has won her over and they sleep together. The Beyonder continues to seek her love, but he proves to be too overbearing for her, and the amazing abilities don’t exactly help. He alters the way she feels about him for a brief period of time, but realizes that Dazzler really doesn’t love him, so he lets her go.


The Secret Six might not be the perfect example of heroes, but they are definitely not the bad guys. The team is made up of some of the deadliest criminals-turned-anti-heroes in the DC Universe, and at one point, their roster included an actual god from Apokolips. Scandal Savage, the daughter of the immortal Vandal Savage, used her relationship with the New God Knockout to make her team a threatening powerhouse against the Secret Society of Supervillains.

The two go on to enjoy a loving relationship, even if there were some bumps along the way. During the course of Secret Six: Six Degrees of Devastation, the two sleep together on their vacation in Bangkok, which ends with Knockout nearly getting blown up. Their connection is so strong that, after Knockout dies, Scandal actually travels to the depths of hell to save her love.


Out of all the reveals from Geoff Johns’ “Darkseid War,” the discovery that the New God Darkseid had a daughter named Grail with an Amazonian woman has to rank up there in importance. Myrina Black might not have done good things in her life, but she did them with the best intentions. She believed that she was preparing the ultimate weapon against the Dark God, which would ultimately save her sisters.

As the preeminent assassin on Themyscira, it was her duty to keep her people safe. She sought out Darkseid, conceived a child with him, and planned to use the kid against him. She raised Grail to kill her father and save Earth from his evil. Unfortunately, Myrina turned her daughter into a monster that could barely be controlled. With the power of a god in her veins, Grail was just too powerful to stop.


In 2002, Peter David reconnected Rick Jones with his old friend Captain Marvel. The only difference was that this new superhero was actually the original’s son, Genis Mar-Vell. The duo worked the same way the original team-up worked—when Genis was in the real world, Rick was banished to another dimension (this time the Microverse), and vice versa.

While in the Microverse, Rick becomes acquainted with the cosmic entity known as Epiphany. She is the living embodiment of sudden insight and is a member of the Seven Friendless, a group of other cosmic entities who represent essential concepts in the universe. She finds Rick wandering the Microverse and provides him with an amazing life as a rock star. Then she sleeps with him, because why not. She becomes a companion to him and Captain Marvel going forward.


What If? #12 from 1990 tells the story of what would have happened if the X-Men were stranded in Asgard forever. When the team traveled to the Golden Realm to rescue the New Mutants, they were allowed to return home when all decided the paradise they were given wasn’t for them. In this reality, Wolfsbane objects to leaving, ensuring that all the X-Men must remain.

The team settles down and finds a way to be happy. Rogue discovers that her powers don’t affect the Asgardian Fandral, and the two become lovers and are later married. The Watcher, who typically narrates these tales, seems a bit more creepy than usual when he tells the reader that Rogue finally knew the touch of a man. Of course he’d know; he likes to watch.


When Angela was introduced to the Marvel Universe, it was established that she had taken a lover by the name of Sera. This woman came from Heven, the Tenth Realm that was sealed off from the other Nine Realms by Odin following a bloody war. It turned out that Angela was actually the daughter of Odin and the sister of Thor, long believed to have been killed. Angela (or Aldrif) was a god of Asgard.

Angela and Sera fought side-by-side against many monsters and villains until Sera was killed. Their love was so strong that Angela actually traveled to the depths of Hel in order to save the one she loved. She took the throne of Hel and returned Sera to life so they could live in peace in New York City.


Beta Ray Bill is a cyborg, alien horse-man who (somehow) has a lot in common with the Mighty Thor. Sif is an Asgardian warrior who is absolutely smitten with Thor. Bill shows up to protect his people and fight alongside the God of Thunder. When Thor falls under the sway of Lorelei, Sif feels dejected and runs to Beta Ray Bill.

The two form a relationship and Bill is made an honorary Asgardian with a hammer of his very own. Following the battle, Bill and Sif live together on Earth for a time. Who knows how the two can even kiss given that Bill doesn’t have any lips. Before long, Beta Ray Bill returns to space and Sif goes back to Asgard. At this point, Thor is free from Lorelei’s control and apologizes to her about how he treated her.


Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons of Themyscira, is the mother of Wonder Woman; however, her daughter was never born in the biological sense that is typical of normal humans. Hippolyta never had to shag anyone to bring her daughter into the world. According to Wonder Woman’s origin story, her mother created her from clay and she was brought to life by the gods.

That all changed in Brian Azzarello’s New 52 series, where it was discovered that this story had all been a lie. Instead of creating her daughter out of clay, Hippolyta actually took a roll in the hay with the Greek god Zeus. The two conceived Diana (and her twin brother Jason) during this union, changing the legend of Wonder Woman forever. It’s the origin that was used in the Wonder Woman movie.


In Defenders #3 from 2005, the Hulk gets it on with Dormammu’s sister Umar. The Lord of the Dark Dimension is essentially an evil god, and his sister is probably just as powerful. Someone with all that power needs the strength of a Hulk if she wants the proper amount of pleasure. She turns Hulk into her consort and the two “Hulk Smash” into oblivion.

Unfortunately, despite all his strength and stamina, the Hulk can’t last for very long against the abilities of Umar. She knocks him out completely and reverts him back to Bruce Banner, who is so mellow from his alter ego’s encounter that he can’t even change back no matter how hard he tries. The two reunite in Incredible Hulks #633 and get it on once more.


Okay, so maybe Doctor Manhattan isn’t actually a god, but he’s certainly the closest thing the world of Watchmen has to one. Capable of rearranging matter, projecting energy, altering his size, duplicating himself, and perceiving all of time at once, Jon Osterman is an omnipotent godlike being who can conceivably please a woman to perfection, if only he paid enough attention to any one thing at a time.

During his relationship with the superhero Silk Spectre, it was clear they were doing the horizontal tango together. In one scene, Manhattan actually uses his duplication abilities to pleasure his girlfriend at multiple angles, much to her horror when she opened her eyes. Jon increasingly lost his grip on his own humanity, which eventually led to Laurie leaving him for Nite Owl.


Long before Jane Foster ever picked up the magic hammer herself, she was the ongoing beau of the Norse God Thor. Superman has Lois Lane, Spider-Man has Mary Jane (or Gwen Stacey), and Thor always had Jane. When Thor came to Earth as Dr. Donald Blake, he met Jane, who was a nurse at the time. The two formed a relationship that lasted for many years.

Despite the introduction of Sif as a wedge between the couple, and their relationship eventually coming to an end, their time together was iconic enough to appear in the movies Thor and Thor: The Dark World. The two were even together in the Ultimate Universe, where it was shown in Avengers vs. New Ultimates that the two lived together and surely got down to business.

Can you think of any other times a superhero bedded a god? Let us know in the comments!

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