15 Superheroes Who Would Win The Game Of Thrones


George R.R. Martin has crafted an elaborate and exciting world in Game of Thrones. It is compelling because it borrows from so many genres: it has great character arcs that come from soap operas, mystery associated with magic realism, and the drama associated with politics. Characters fight to be on the Iron Throne, the chair the King sits in, which is composed of 1,000 swords from people that lost in the War of Conquest. Wearing the crown makes you the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, King of the Andals and the First Men, and Protector of the Realm. Given all of the treachery and difficulties of surviving during this time, you'd have to have superpowers just to defend yourself against dragon attacks, poisons, Greyscale, conquering armies... you name it. So let's answer the question, shall we? Which superheroes would win the Game of Thrones?

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To be fair we're not going to choose characters like Galactus or Darkseid. Instead, we'll be looking at those who would fare well based on their skills, along with past Game of Thrones plotlines. We'll also see, based on the character history and traits, which Houses they might ally themselves with. It's probably a given that Namor would fight in the name of the Drowned God for House Greyjoy, but what about The Black Panther, or The Savage Dragon?


Wolverine is the ultimate survivor. His mutant healing power not only gives him longevity but the edge as well in combat. He also has an immunity to most poisons and other things that cause mortal harm. Hell, if he could survive Hiroshima, he could definitely survive a Wildfire explosion. In the Game of Thrones universe, you can only get so far without getting into a fight and shedding some blood, two things that Wolverine does well and doesn't shy from.

Logan would be the person you want to pick if you can opt for Trial By Combat. Not only that, but given Wolverine's directness and distaste for politics, we can see him being a part of the Brotherhood Without Banners, an outlaw group working against the Lannisters and protecting people from unjust forces, regardless of which King or Lord they support. Sound familiar?



Zatanna is a powerful magician in DC Comics. In the storyline Identity Crisis, she is able to freeze Batman in his tracks and also mind-wipes and magically lobotomizes Justice League villain Doctor Light. Catwoman also learns that her personality was altered by Zatanna's magic. Although this could prove useful against a band of swordsmen, it would go further in gaining the trust of a king or even when bartering with the Iron Bank.

Fighting can take you far in Game of Thrones, but so can magic. Magic has been used to instill fear in people due to it being an extension of the unknown. Zatanna would do well allied with the Red Priestesses who worship the Lord of Light. Reputation alone should have the common folk fear Zatanna and pique the curiosity of the elite. She might even pair well with the dry wit and sharp perspective of Tyrion.


Emma Frost is an Omega-Level telepath and was not only a teacher at The Xavier Institute, she was also the leader of the Hellfire Club. Being able to read the minds of those around her would prove quite helpful, especially when negotiating with someone as devious as Walder Frey or as tactical as Stannis Baratheon.

To win the Game of Thrones, you need to be astute in the ways of politics. You need to be able to win over (possibly control) the masses, but still have enough status to earn the respect of the elite. Emma Frost was born into money; you can tell by the quality of outfits she wears. Given her telepathic ability and her ease at navigating politics, we can see her either being allies with the Lannister Family or with Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish.



Gilad Anni-Padda, also known as the Eternal Warrior, was born in 3268BC and has literally millennia-worth of fighting experience. In the Valiant Comics universe, he is an immortal that has superhuman strength and stamina, and the ability to heal from almost any wound.

The Eternal Warrior would easily earn the respect of those around him due to his legendary prowess on the battlefield. Perhaps Gilad Anni-Padda would fare well allied with Dorne. The Sand Snakes vow to never have weak men rule Dorne again and The Eternal Warrior is anything but weak. With The Eternal Warrior at his side, perhaps The Red Viper could have gotten the vengeance he so desperately wanted from "The Mountain" Gregor Clegane. Someone as honorable and strong as Gilad might also fare well fighting with the Starks.


Although he looks like a dragon, Fin Fang Foom is actually an alien from the planet Kakaranathara. Members of his race landed in Ancient China and infiltrated human society to understand better how to conquer it. But yeah, let's just forget the whole alien part and focus on him looking like a giant dragon.

When you think dragons in Game of Thrones, you can't help but think about the Mother of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen. Given his strength, size, and intimidating appearance, we think he would fit right in with Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion. The big problems is that the three dragons are, to the Breaker of Chains, her children. Fin Fang Foom would not want to be treated as such. After all, his people did come to Earth to conquer it, not be led by Khaleesi.



Sunfire is a former X-Man who has the ability to fly and shoot superheated plasma. Although he was not considered a team player, he did try to get Asian mutants to safety from the Terrigen Mists. Regardless of his history, his power -- fire -- is a powerful element in Game of Thrones. The worshippers of the Lord of Light use it as a means of purification. Wildfire was used to help Cersei become the current ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Dragons use it to destroy armies.

Given that Sunfire's mutant ability is to create fire, he would be in high demand and his powers could take him all the way to the Iron Throne. Dorne remained independent from the Seven Kingdoms for many years and joined the Seven Kingdoms not by force but through marriage. By doing so, they've retained much of their culture and viewpoints, giving them a strong cultural identity. Perhaps Sunfire could find allies with the Dornish people due to their strength through culture.


Don't let the above image fool you: we're not letting Tony use his armor because that would be both unfair and no fun. Even without the Iron Man suit, Tony is one of the smartest people in the Marvel Universe. Tony knows how to make weapons and he's a formidable engineer in any time period, so in the Game of Thrones, he would know how to defend himself as well as others. Sure, he may not be able to fight the Mountain in hand-to-hand combat, but why would he need to if he designs a Wildfire flamethrower?

However, we think Tony would take a different route. Given that he is an engineer first and weapons designer later, we think he would set up shop in the Citadel, a place where people go to become Maesters. Since Maesters advise lords on scientific, medical, and historical matters, this is where Tony could rule without ever setting foot in Westeros.



The Dragon one day awoke, without any memory of who or what he was, in the middle of a burning field in Chicago, Illinois. He had super-strength and a strong healing factor, and was recruited by the officer that found him into the Chicago Police Department, where he fought against a super-powered criminal gang known as the Vicious Circle.

Because of his appearance, the Savage Dragon would probably be comfortable amongst fellow dragons and if the spot hasn't been claimed by Fin Fang Foom he could be allied with House Targaryen. Given the fact that The Dragon joined the Chicago Police Department, he has strong morals; a sense of right from wrong that is tempered as strong as his skin. With his driven need to protect, he might find himself on the Wall repelling such invaders as Wildlings and White Walkers.


After an extraterrestrial spaceship blew up within close proximity to Bernhard "Buddy" Baker, Baker found himself with the power to mimic the abilities of animals such as an ape's brute strength or even a bird's ability to fly. In the New 52, Baker's daughter Maxine is the Avatar of The Red, the force that sustains all animal life, and Animal Man serves as her protector.

Given that a good number of the Stark members have the ability to warg (enter the minds of animals), he might do well allied with House Stark. However, the Children of the Forest worship the Old Gods of the Forest and rumors point to them as the ones that carved faces into the Weirwood trees. Given their divine connection to nature, Animal Man would fit right in.



Zebediah Killgrave is also known as the Purple Man, because when you're got purple skin due to exposure to an experimental nerve gas, you're not going to call yourself anything else. The Purple Man has the chemical ability to mind control people, and the kinds of things he has people do are cruel and sadistic. He held Jessica Jones captive for months, he's forced a woman to marry him, and forced people to act out his fantasies.

Given the Purple Man's taste for torture and mayhem, he would probably do well allying himself with House Bolton. The Bolton's sigil is a person being tortured on a wooden X and the unofficial house motto is: "A naked man has few secrets; a flayed man, none." In fact, we think he'd be best friends with Roose Bolton, who spent many an episode gleefully torturing Theon Greyjoy, who he renamed Reek as an extra insult to injury.


Imperious Rex! Namor has fought on the Avengers, Defenders, and even the X-Men (technically he's Marvel's "first mutant"), but he also has, in the past, tried to conquer those living on land. Namor is the king of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis, and his strength, speed, and durability is matched only by his arrogance and ego. Namor is a strong leader, a good tactician, and we can see him attacking Westeros from Blackwater Bay.

Given his relationship to the sea, it's most likely that he would find himself allied with the Iron Islands. The Ironborn have developed a culture centered on raiding and pillaging, which explains why the motto of House Greyjoy is "We Do Not Sow." Yeah, we can't really imagine Namor tilling a field either.



T'Challa is the ruler of the Kingdom of Wakanda found in Northeast Africa. Wakanda is considered the most technologically advanced nation on the planet. Similar to Doctor Doom, T'Challa has strong connections to the technical and the mystical. Besides being a skilled hand to hand combatant, a brilliant scientist and strategist, he is one of the wealthiest people in the world.

The Black Panther is an honorable man and someone who is fiercely dedicated to his morals and beliefs. The members of House Stark are admired for their dedication to their beliefs, and both Ned and Rob have died defending those values. It would certainly be a good match-up to have T'Challa working with, or even possibly as, The King In The North. His "gunboat diplomacy" skills would be second to none.


Aric of Dacia fought hard for his Visigoth people against the Roman Empire in fifth century Europe. During a scouting raid, the darndest thing happened to Aric and his compatriots: they became victims of an alien abduction. Alien colonizers known as the Vine kidnapped and enslaved Aric and his friends. After several years of captivity, Aric led a revolt and not only escaped, he did so in a sentient suit of armor called the X-O Manowar.

To be fair, we don't think he could be in Game of Thrones and be in possession of the X-O Manowar suit. But even not protected by the sentient armor, Aric still is an excellent fighter and leader of men; he could challenge any physical threat sent against him. Given that Aric is a Visigoth barbarian, he might do well allied with the Free Folk, the Wildlings that live in the lands beyond the Wall.



Raven Darkholme, the mutant known as Mystique, has been both ally and foe to the X-Men over the years. Besides having an accelerated healing factor and long life, she has the ability to shapeshift into any person she wants, as well as changing her voice and body mass. She can also augment her physique to grow wings, move internal organs to avoid serious injury, and create natural body armor. Her power versatility makes her quite formidable.

Based on her mutant ability to change into any person she wanted to be, she would most likely work with the God of Death, also known as the Many-Faced God. She would fit in quite well with Jaquen H'ghar and Arya committing assassinations masquerading as others. She would easily do more harm impersonating others and acquiring intelligence than an entire army of Unsullied.


Vandal Savage is possibly the oldest human in the DC Universe. He is also technically the first murderer (Cain from the Bible). Savage is also credited with having destroyed Atlantis and a possible leader of the Illuminati. He claimed to be the one to have killed Julius Caesar (as opposed to Brutus) and killed people in London as Jack the Ripper. He'd be PERFECT for the Game of Thrones universe.

Game of Thrones is filled with vile characters like Joffrey Baratheon and Ramsay Bolton, whose names are associated with cruelty and torture. Vandal does not value life and has no morals to prevent him from committing the cruelest acts. We can see him being more devious than Littlefinger, forming alliances with virtually anyone to cause chaos and destruction. Whether it's a White Walker or Lannister, Vandal will do literally anything to get what he wants.

Which superhero or villain do you think would win the Game of Thrones? Post your comments below!


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