Superheroes take to the court with these NBA logo redesigns

With Batman v Superman's record-breaking opening bringing new meaning to March Madness, and the NBA Playoffs just around the corner, Uproxx Sports has brought the worlds of superheroes and basketball together in a series of redesigned team logos.

Although the website offers explanations for the pairings, some of them are admittedly pretty flimsy. (The Bucks are matched with Blade because they share the same first letter?) "I’d like to say there was a big connection between which hero was chosen for which team, but there wasn’t," writes David Rappoccio. "Some of them are obvious, some not so much."

Obvious, like the Philadelphia 76ers and Captain America. Others, however, are somewhat inspired, either in terms of design or reasoning.

See a selection of the redesigned logos below, and the rest at Uproxx Sports.

Titans #33

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