It Ain't Easy: 15 Superheroes Parents Would Be Surprised To Find Out Are Really Sleazy

Superheroes are human just like us, and as humans, we have certain urges that we act on in times of desperation or even fun. Parents may think comic books and superheroes are innocent and good wholesome fun, but what they probably don’t realize is that there is a lot more going on behind the curtain than they realize. The most popular and “child-friendly” superheroes are known to be sleazy in the sheets. Wearing tight clothes that reveal lots of skin and muscles is nothing short of conservative. Fighting in spandex and having superhuman powers turns up the heat for the opposite sex or even same sex. Almost everyone is connected in the Marvel Universe or DC universe by dating or hook-ups and parents are completely unaware of it.

When it comes to being sleazy, we are talking about everything from kissing to one night affairs to marriage, and with many different partners at that. These are superheroes that parents are letting their kids watch and read about and even collect action figures of. So here is a list of popular characters in comics that get some all the time but parents don’t even realize we are reading about it and seeing it in detailed artwork.


Wonder Woman has been around since the Golden Age of comics. There were not too many hook-ups going on between superheroes at that time because of codes, but there was certainly a lot of bondage going on. Once the comic book codes were changed, Wonder Woman was able to explore her sexuality with men.  The obvious lover is, of course, Steve Trevor but what many people probably don’t know is her other conquests.

The sensational Wonder Woman is definitely sensational. She has made her rounds in the Justice League and has been with Superman, Batman and Aquaman. But she was also with Trevor Barnes for a brief time and even Nemesis. Nemesis and Wonder Woman met while working together at The Department of Metahuman Affairs, but like the rest, did not hold Wonder Woman’s interest for very long either.



Being blind doesn’t stop Daredevil at all from spotting a beautiful woman from across the room and going after her. The character has become even more popular since the hit TV show on Netflix, but the show only touches a little on his love interests. Of course, there is Karen, the night nurse and Elektra, but he explores more in the comics.

As the name "Daredevil", Matt Murdock likes to live on the edge. He has dated Mary Walker who turned into Typhoid Mary and went completely crazy at crushing his heart. There was another fellow blind friend named Milla Donovan, but that didn’t last because he wasn't over Karen yet. And then there was Natasha Romanoff as Black Widow, a relationship that also ended tragically.


Supergirl is the innocent and young cousin of Superman. She is a hard working girl trying to make it in the world of good looking men as shown on the popular hit TV show. She only has two love interests on the show, but in the comics she has much more.  

The benefits of being an alien is the ability to go to different worlds. These different worlds are where Supergirl meets most of her men. In the TV show, Supergirl is with Mon-El and has been with the Arrow on Earth-X, but in the comics she has been with the likes of Alexander Luthor from New Earth. When Power Boy joined the Teen Titans, Supergirl also had a brief relationship with him. Other men also include Richard Malverne, Benjamin Rubel, James Olsen, Adam Foster and more.



Coming in a close tie with the other Avengers and Justice League members is Captain America. Although he has been frozen for quite some time, he still managed to keep his roster up to date. As America’s favorite hero, he is charming, handsome and a total ladies man -- Peggy Carter is not the only woman who has captured his heart.

While working with the Avengers, he has gotten close to some of the female members. Black Widow and Scarlet Witch are some of the two, and outside of the Avengers, Captain America has taken interest in Peggy Carter's’ niece, Sharon Carter. Some other ladies that have caught the good Captain's eye are Wasp, Jet Zola, Miranda Pritchett, Connie Ferrari, Betsy Ross and even Iron Woman in another universe.


For the parents that like to turn a blind eye, the ever-so popular Harley Quinn is on the list. Harley Quinn dresses questionably and is known for dating the Joker. She practically screams to be on this list, but parents are still OK with their children dressing as her for Halloween or wearing Joker/Harley shirts.

Her track record is high, but definitely not the highest. Her first love will always be the Joker, but as Harley ventured out on her own, she has had some other interests too. Another main interest that Harley Quinn fans have mixed feelings on is Poison Ivy. As of now, it is canon that they are girlfriends. While their relationship started in the Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner series, Harley has also been with Nightwing and Deadshot.



In the films, Iron Man is a role-model and industry leader, in the comics, he is a womanizer. Any real fan would know this about him but on the surface, parents are oblivious. Of course, there is the obvious Pepper Potts but she is only one of the woman on quite the long and elaborate list. Tony Stark is a playboy billionaire like Bruce Wayne and they both like to spend money and have fun.

As many parents probably don’t know, Tony Stark has had a very intimate interest in his Avengers teammate, the Black Widow herself, Natasha Romanova. The two got very frisky in the Ultimate Universe. Maria Hill is also a character of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D that has had some fun with Tony Stark in an end-of-the-world, nothing matters moment.


Spider-Man is a nerd who enjoys science, so parents probably assume that he is lacking in the ladies department, but it is actually the opposite. His usual love interests that all the films like to focus on are Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy. But Spider-Man has also been with several other women including some villains as well. As fans, we get to see Peter Parker blossom from a high school nerd into a ladies man.

In a “What-If?” issue, Spider-Man and Silver Sable ended up “bonding” over a shared mutual grief, and Silk is also a common love interest -- they instantly connected when Cindy Moon was bit by a radioactive spider as well. Other honorable love interest mentions are Felicia Hardy, Kitty Pryde, Betty Brant, Carlie Cooper and some flirtations with Emma Frost.



Starfire definitely makes this list because in the comics, she is a sex symbol for the superheroes -- she likes to wear provocative costumes that always turn heads. But parents might be shocked to find out that the cute and innocent Starfire from their children’s TV shows like Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! is actually quite the player.

Starfire has had a long fling with Nightwing on the Teen Titans. They have gone as far as to be engaged and almost get married, if the wedding day wasn’t ruined. Later when the "New 52" was launched, Starfire got hot and heavy with both Roy Harper and Jason Todd. These three characters made up the team The Outlaws and definitely had some fun times on the side of fighting crime.


Superman has been around since the '30s, giving him plenty of time to play the field. He is not only a strong superhero, but also a charming journalist when he's Clark Kent. Many know Clark for his only insteret in Lois Lane, as shown in almost all of the films. But what many parents don’t know is his long track record of beautiful women.

Superman’s first childhood crush was Lana Lang. He later grew up to explore some fun times with women such as Cat Grant, Zara, Lori Lemaris, Chloe Sullivan, Dana Dearden and many, many more. He has also been paired with Wonder Woman on several occasions romantically. Superman loves a strong and independent woman by his side, but he has also even made a "film" with Big Barda.



Archie Comics is an American classic comic book series. It was founded in 1939 and is mostly about a redheaded boy who's in high school. This redheaded boy is Archie and he seems like the nice boy-next-door, but he's actually more than that. Apart from the usual Betty and Veronica that he goes back and forth with, there are several other women during his high school life.

Cricket O’Dell was one and she had the superpower to smell money. When she realized Archie was not rich and it was actually Veronica who had the money, she ended it quickly. Valerie Smith shared a mutual bond over music as she was one of the members of the Pussycats. Cheryl Blossom was very flirtatious and liked to have fun, even with Archie. And lastly, Ginger Lopez who was added in the comics as a replacement for Cheryl.


Many parents probably don’t know this when they are buying their children Wolverine action figures, but Wolverine is known sort of as a man who gets around in the Marvel Universe. Wolverine has lived through different universes, different lives and “What If?” issues that have allowed him to play the field of many women to his content.

Some of the popular ladies of the X-Men universe he has been with are Storm, Jean Grey, Rogue (in another “What If?”) and Mystique. Wolverine is also not afraid of commitment as he has been married several times in his life. Some of the women he has been married to are Viper, Sara Pezzini (in alternate universe) and Itsu. He has also had love interests with the popular and sultry Elektra, Domino and Red Sonja.



Thor may seem like a conservative, all-around-nice guy, but in reality, there is more to him than that., He really is the God of Thunder in the streets and under the sheets. This friendly, nice guy has plenty of opportunities with women of Earth and Asgard that parents are probably unaware their children are reading about, and these scenes have been known to get hot and heavy.

Thor has had women fall for him as Thor and his secret identities, with Jane Foster falling for both of his identities. Another recurring lover was Lady Sif who is also an Asgardian. She is a great warrior and able to match Thor’s strength, unlike the female humans he has been with. Other women include: Lorelei, Moondragon, Enchantress, Dark Valkyrie and, in the Ultimate Universe, Valkyrie, Jane Foster and even Hela.


Nightwing takes after his mentor Batman in strength, ingenuity, intelligence and being a ladies man. From the eyes of parents, Nightwing is a leader and mentor of Young Justice and Teen Titans and is important in helping shape the youth into responsible adults. But to the eyes of the ladies, he is an acrobat in a tight spandex suit.  It seems Nightwing cannot be tied down for long. He has had brief relationships and even briefer hook-ups with many women.

His longest relationship was with Starfire, who she bonded with over being in the Teen Titans and as mentioned earlier, almost got married. Another well-known lady lover of Dick’s is Barbara Gordon. They met and bonded over being a part of Batman's inner circle. Other beautiful women include Huntress, Tarantula, Bridget Clancy, Cheyenne Freemont, Raven (in his dreams), Sonia Zucco and many, many more.



She-Hulk is a lawyer, super strong and the cousin of Bruce Banner … but she is also one of the busiest superheroes. Her professional appearance and green skin may give the appearance that she might be a loner in the dating scene, but it is actually the opposite. She-Hulk has been a member of many groups such as the Defenders, Avengers, Fantastic Four and Heroes for Hire, groups made up of predominantly males.

You can count how many men She-Hulk has been with on two hands. Some of the honorable mentions are Juggernaut, Hercules and even Tony Stark. But the most memorable of She-Hulk’s dating life is Wolf-Man, as the two got married in Vegas, and the previously mentioned Juggernaut who she broke the bed and even the floor with in their special time.


Bruce Wayne is a billionaire and philanthropist who has been known to be quote the ladies man. All these qualities of both Batman and Bruce Wayne have made him an eligible bachelor that the women flock to (not to mention is bank account). As much as he has women swooning over him, he's mostly only interested in saving Gotham and protecting its citizens.

It is hard to tie down Bruce Wayne since he is always busy being Batman and saving Gotham, so only a few women have successfully done it but for only briefly. The two main women that have been in his life are Selina Kyle as Catwoman and Talia al Ghul, whom he's even had a child with. Some of the more shocking hook-ups Batman has had are with Barbara Gordon in the animated The Killing Joke on a rooftop and with Harley Quinn on Earth-22.


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