Superheroes Get Cute and Stackable in "Marvel Tsum Tsum" Comic and Variants

If you pay any sort of attention to Disney-related merchandise, you've seen the "Disney Tsum Tsum" line of stuffed toys, featuring famous Disney characters rendered in a cute, pillow-like, stackable form. The toys subsequently branched out into Disney-owned properties, starred in a mobile game, one thing led to another, and the end result is a four-issue "Marvel Tsum Tsum" comic book series, debuting in August from the creative team of writer Jacob Chabot and "Micronauts" artist David Baldeon, as revealed Thursday by Nerdist. Here's the undeniably appealing cover to "Marvel Tsum Tsum" #1 by Chris Samnee and Matt Wilson:

So -- what kind of story do you tell in a "Marvel Tsum Tsum" comic? As Nerdist relates, it'll depict "what happens when a crate of Tsum Tsums en route to The Collector falls to the Earth and is discovered by a group of Brooklyn teens." The Tsum Tsums will think they're the real heroes and attempt to save the day, likely in adorable fashion.

"The trick is coming up with a narrative that makes the Tsum Tsum more than just fuzzy versions of your favorite heroes," Chabot, a writer and artist whose past Marvel work includes the "X-Babies" miniseries, told Nerdist. "I'm attempting to channel all of the kids' movies and comics I loved back in the day (and still do!) into something I hope people will like!"

Along with the "Marvel Tsum Tsum" miniseries, Tsum Tsum-ized versions of Marvel characters will also star in 20 variant covers in August, including "Rocket Raccoon and Groot" #8 by Brian Kesinger, "Deadpool" #17 by Javier Rodriguez, "Doctor Strange" #11 by Ryan Stegman and "Ms. Marvel" #10 by Tradd Moore.

"Marvel Tsum Tsum" #1 is scheduled for release in August.

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