10 Superheroes Coming To DC Movies (And 10 Rumors We Hope Are True)

After the Justice League fallout, many people predicted the end of DC's film universe. Warner Bros. refused to throw in the towel, and pressed ahead with its now-officially titled Worlds of DC. Many projects are lined up for production and several more have been greenlit, while others are still up in the air (yes, we're talking about Man of Steel 2 here). Even so, the future looks rosy for fans of DC's heroes and villains, as the studio learned its lesson from past movies and there seems to be some semblance of a plan for the years to come.

This means that the playing field is about to get bigger and there will be more superheroes for us to get acquainted with. Much like Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), these new faces will lead the next round of movies as we say goodbye to older characters. With that, there are numerous heroes whom fans should be excited about seeing on the big screen, since some of them will be making their live-action debuts. In addition, there are juicy rumors about who could be joining them. Of course, this is Hollywood and the projects could go pear-shaped at any moment, so we'll consider these names confirmed until they're not. If the Worlds of DC unfolds as it's currently planned out, we could be in for something special over the next couple of years. Let's hold thumbs that the studio allows the filmmakers to shine at what they do best and not interfere.

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Black Canary
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Black Canary

Black Canary, the lady with the pipes that'll pierce your eardrums, has been confirmed to appear in Cathy Yan's Birds of Prey, which is scheduled for release in February 2020. Jurnee Smollett-Bell, whom you might recognize from Friday Night Lights and True Blood, will be the actress bringing Dinah Lance to life on the big screen.

Of course, with the casting of Dinah, it does lead you to question how long it'll be until we see Oliver Queen/Green Arrow in the Worlds of DC. A while ago Charlie Hunnam told DC and Warner Bros. to give him a call about the role, so what are they waiting for?


Mister Miracle

During a Q&A session on Twitter in June, director Ava DuVernay confirmed that New Gods is in early development. Naturally, fans became impatient since they wanted the movie yesterday. Their patience could be rewarded, though, if the film does decide to include Mister Miracle.

The character has received a renaissance in popularity, thanks to Tom King and Mitch Gerads' award-winning Mister Miracle series. In addition, Logan Marshall-Green has already started an online campaign to play Scott Free, tweeting DuVernay about his interest in the character. Even if Marshall-Green doesn't get the part, Mister Miracle is fundamental to the New Gods lore and we'd expect him to appear in some shape or form.


The arrival of Supergirl in the Worlds of DC is bittersweet. While it's welcome to see Kara Zor-El in her own movie again, it shouldn't be at the expense of her cousin Superman. Unfortunately, that looks exactly like what Warner Bros. is doing by sidelining Man of Steel sequel plans.

According to Deadline, Oren Uziel, who penned 22 Jump Street and The Cloverfield Paradox, is working on the script for a Girl of Steel movie. No further information has been released, but it does appear as if Supergirl is high on the studio's priority list. It makes sense when you consider how successful the TV show has been on The CW.


Catwoman by Darwyn Cooke

The case of David Ayer is precarious. While he undoubtedly made Warner Bros. a lot of money with Suicide Squad, the film wasn't exactly well-received by critics or fans. When it was announced that he'd helm Gotham City Sirens – a team-up featuring Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy – there was an ambivalence towards this project.

For now, Gotham City Sirens has been put on hold in favor of Birds of Prey, but there are many people who feel that a Catwoman appearance is imminent. The Batman is likely to introduce a younger Caped Crusader, so it only makes sense that Selina Kyle won't be too far behind.


Maybe it'll be second time lucky for Hal Jordan? After 2011's Green Lantern did nothing for the character's profile, it looks like Warner Bros. is taking a different approach with Green Lantern Corps. Jordan is set to play a part in the proceedings, but he'll be joined by other Lanterns in this film.

Reportedly, the studio was interested in Tom Cruise as an older Jordan, who'd serve as a mentor to the younger team. The script at the time would've resulted in Jordan passing away and handing over his power ring to a newer Lantern. Allegedly, Cruise passed on the film because of it, but the script has changed since then.


Big Barda - There You Are

If Mister Miracle will be in New Gods, you can bet your last dollar that Big Barda will appear as well. In fact, there's a part of us that hopes Ava DuVernay just adapts Tom King and Mitch Gerads' Mister Miracle comic book series beat for beat.

The good news is, DuVernay has confessed that Barda is her favorite superhero, so she certainly won't pass up the opportunity to include her in the New Gods film. If you had to ask us who'd be an excellent choice for Barda, we'd have to go with Gina Carano. She seems to be done with Fox's Deadpool movies, so there would be no conflicts there.


Birds of Prey will introduce another heroine whom we haven't seen in DC live-action films before: Helena Bertinelli, aka Huntress. The character briefly appeared in a few episodes of Arrow, serving as a love interest for Oliver Queen, but this will be the first time that she jumps onto the big screen.

Portraying her will be Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Speaking about her casting to The Wrap, she said: "When I met with Cathy Yan, who's directing the film, and learned kind of the back story of the character, I was really interested. It's a really strong, kind of emotional place to start from for a superhero character."


Booster Gold

Booster Gold is an interesting character. While he isn't as popular as the likes of Superman and Batman, DC has pushed him in the last few years, even making him a central figure in the Heroes in Crisis storyline. As such, the rumors about his big-screen debut will not go away.

In 2016 reports surfaced that Zack Stentz would pen a Booster Gold film, with Greg Berlanti in the producer's chair – and possibly the director's as well. Chatting about the film, Berlanti said it wouldn't be tied to the main universe at the time. Now, with the Worlds of DC focusing on standalone films, a Booster Gold movie sounds even more plausible.


We're already getting our Dick Grayson fix on Titans, but there's also a Nightwing film in the pipeline, with Chris McKay attached as the director. Right now, the project is in a state of limbo with McKay tackling other projects and Warner Bros. going awfully quiet. However, make no mistake about it: Grayson will appear in some way or the other in the future.

In fact, it's criminal that the last time we saw Grayson in a live-action film was two decades ago in 1997's Batman & Robin. While the world has gone Batman-mad, the former Boy Wonder has stood on the periphery, watching as DC films pass him by.


Jaime Reyes as Blue Beetle

Watching the popularity of Spider-Man, it's puzzling why DC hasn't pulled the trigger on Blue Beetle (the Jaime Reyes version) yet. The teenage superhero has flourished in the animated world and even in his own comic book series, so it's only logical that he makes the next step towards the cinematic universe.

As the Worlds of DC expands and Warner Bros. announced its commitment to diversity, it's believable that a Blue Beetle movie could be on the horizon or at least even discussed. The studio has been sleeping on this superhero for far too long and could have the next big hit right under its nose.


Batgirl adam hughes

A year ago it appeared as if Joss Whedon was set to write and direct Batgirl. However, he left the project, telling Variety that "the story kind of just crumbled in my hands. There were elements that I just hadn't mastered that, after a long time, felt like I wasn't going to."

Not long after his departure, it was announced that Bumblebee screenwriter, Christina Hodson, would be penning a script while Warner Bros. searches for a female director. Many fans expected Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, to debut in Birds of Prey, but that doesn't seem to be the case – unless Cassandra Cain dons the mantle, as she did in the comics.


John Constantine

When Guillermo del Toro was announced as the man to bring Justice League Dark to life on the big screen, it appeared like a match made in heaven. However, del Toro left the project before it even took off. That doesn't mean it's been canned, though, as Warner Bros. revealed it was very much in the plans in July 2017.

One character who's almost certain to appear is John Constantine. Over the years, he's established himself as a pivotal figure in the group, and any live-action film wouldn't be the same without the occult detective. In fact, would we even want a Justice League Dark film without him?



While Blackhawk might not be a household name in 2018, he used to be in the early '40s. The title used to outsell nearly every other comic book bar Superman. Even so, it's surprising that a Blackhawk film would be announced now – but it has, with Steven Spielberg set to direct.

Speaking about the film, Warner Bros. Pictures Group Chairman Toby Emmerich said, "We are so proud to be the studio behind Steven Spielberg's latest hit [Ready Player One], and are thrilled to be working with him again on this new action adventure. We can't wait to see what new ground he will break in introducing Blackhawk to movie audiences worldwide."



New Gods cannot ignore Darkseid and Apokolips. If it does, this film might as well be chucked in the trash and set on fire. Darkseid's introduction will signal the arrival of his children as well, including "The Dog of War" Orion.

He's a volatile hero whose past threatens to pull him away from his missions, but he's also one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe. Additionally, seeing Orion team up with Mister Miracle and Big Barda would be an epic for the ages. This New Gods adventure, with these heroes, might not be your top pick right now, but it'll be the one you rave about for years afterward.


Lobo Justice League

Recently, Emmett J. Scanlan was confirmed as Lobo on Krypton. While some fans are divided about his look, there's no doubt that it'll be welcome to see the Main Man in the live-action world. We might not have to wait too long for his next iteration, however, as there are plans for a Lobo film.

The director who's supposedly earmarked for the project is Michael Bay. The movie has been in development for ages already, with Dwayne Johnson attached at one point. Though, it looks like it might be building up some steam now. It's a pity that Jason Momoa has played Aquaman already, because he'd be perfect as Lobo.


Detective Chimp

The success of anthropomorphic characters such as Rocket Raccoon has shown that there's a market for them in the live-action realm. You can be certain that DC and Warner Bros. have taken note and quietly penciled in Detective Chimp into their plans. He's appeared rather frequently in the comic books recently, so he's certainly top of mind.

In truth, it's unlikely that Bobo T. Chimpanzee would get his own live-action film. He's not big enough for that, so we'd wager that he'll be a part of the proceedings in Justice League Dark. He might be seen more as a source of comic relief than anything else, but he could add a lot of heart to that movie as well.


John Stewart

With the announcement that the forthcoming Green Lantern film will be titled Green Lantern Corps, everyone knows this means we'll be seeing John Stewart. There's been a lot of focus on Hal Jordan over the years, but Stewart still remains a fan-favorite for the generation who grew up with the Justice League animated series.

In terms of who'll portray him, there are many rumors swirling around. Everyone knows that Tyrese Gibson has practically begged Warner Bros. for the role, while others have suggested Sterling K. Brown for the gig. Whoever gets it must know that it'll be a massive part, with a lot of internet chatter around it.



Considering how the Dynamic Duo has been entertaining comic book readers for decades, it's surprising how little Robin has actually appeared in Batman-related films over the years. Sure, Batman & Robin undoubtedly left a sour taste in the mouths of many, but it wasn't the Boy Wonder's fault, solely.

With Matt Reeves' The Batman reported to tackle the early years of the Caped Crusader, there's a good chance that we could be introduced to his young sidekick. Alternatively, if Ben Affleck suits up again, maybe we could meet his son, Damian. Point is, there's a high probability that we'll meet a Robin in the Worlds of DC soon.


Cassandra Cain

No one expected Cassandra Cain to be in Birds of Prey. Yet, the film's synopsis suggests she'll be the little girl that Huntress, Harley Quinn, and Black Canary need to protect from a crime lord. Truth be told, we think she'll show them that she doesn't need any protection and can handle herself.

In case you missed it, Tom King revealed that Cain is the best fighter of the Bat Family a while back. Seriously, she's a trained assassin and can take down numerous foes, including Batman himself. How incredible would it be if the Yan's movie allows the character to shine and show off her insatiable martial arts skills? Take our money!


Zatanna in Batman Damned

Oddly enough, we could've received a Zatanna film in the mid-2000s. Screenwriter Hadley Davis revealed that she'd written an action-comedy about a teenage Zatanna, yet it never came to fruition. Sounds pretty much like the premise of the comic book series Mystik U, which followed the young magician as she discovered her powers.

Well, it looks like we won't have to wait too long to see Zatanna in a live-action film, as she's likely to have a major role in Justice League Dark. There are numerous fan castings around about who should play her, with one of the better suggestions being Natalie Dormer. So, make it happen, Warner Bros.

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