What Memes May Come: 15 Strange And Memeable Superhero Stock Images

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Believe it or not, the stock photo industry is not a recent trend. In fact, it began to gain popularity in the '20s. The price of stock images ranges from hundreds to several thousand American dollars per image and the themes for stock images are very diverse. We, of course, are interested in those that are closely related to comic books and superheroes. Shutterstock offers a variety of superhero stock images. While there's a good number of superhero images featuring actual superheroes and villains, there are also those that show original superheroes in some very original costumes and situations. It is doubtful that the inventors of stock photography had intended for the industry to be flooded with hilarious superhero pictures, but thankfully that didn't stop photographers from creating a bunch of them.

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We spent some time browsing Shutterstock and managed to dig up some pretty strange superhero images. While we can understand how a picture of an elderly superhero can be put to good use, it's kind of hard to imagine anyone ever needing a picture of a superhero wearing a pot on his head instead of a helmet. Perhaps you can help us figure these out. Here are the 15 strangest superhero stock images.

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shutterstock-senior superhero 1

While it is not common for superheroes to be depicted as elderly men and women, throughout the years certain heroes did get to experience old age. Not that long ago, we got to see an older version of Wolverine in Logan. And as for comics, Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns introduced us to a 50-year-old Batman. However, most of the time, we’re left wondering what our heroes would look like if they reached old age.

To satisfy your curiosity, here’s a stock image of an older gentleman posing as a superhero. As to the purpose of this image it’s impossible to know for sure, but we’re guessing the appropriate use would be to demonstrate that it matters not how old you are, but how you feel.


shutterstock- rollin 1

Getting to work on time can be a real challenge. Public transportation is not always the best option considering how crowded it gets during rush hour. The same goes for taking the car or a cab. And if walking isn’t an option, you have to get creative when it comes to transporting yourself from your home to your place of employment.

Without superspeed, teleportation abilities and other such powers, getting to work on time can be a problem even for superheroes. So, how do they do it? Well, after they’re done with their night job, they put on the suit and get on a skateboard, speeding off to their day jobs just like the rest of us normal folk. Well, that’s what this stock image would have us believe anyway.


shutterstock- gorilla flash 1

There is a number of superheroes that acquired, learned or copied their powers from animals. Peter Parker was bit by a radioactive spider, while Bruce Wayne feared bats but also learned and copied their behavior. On the other hand, some superheroes, such as Squirrel Girl, Beast and Wolfsbane, share a physical resemblance with animals.

Whether they were the inspiration for the series of these hilarious stock images is uncertain. But whatever the case is, the Monkeyman has a real chance to be a fun anti-hero. The lightning on his T-shirt kind of reminds us of The Flash. So, we're gonna go on the limb here and posit that the monkey is Gorilla Grodd's teenage son wearing a Flash T-shirt to spite his good old dad.


shutterstock- kitchen hero 1

Cooking is not for everyone. It is a skill that requires a lot of practice and hard work. While most of us are skilled enough to make the most basic dishes such as soup or an omelet, not everyone has what it takes to prepare a steak dinner. In a way, excellent cooks are indeed their own kind of superhero. Which is probably what this stock image is trying to tell us.

Look at this superdad with his purple face mask and cape posing with a pan as a kitchen superhero. A hilarious concept, although it kind of makes us wonder what this image was used for. Could it be some kind of a kitchen appliances or furniture catalog? Whatever the purpose, the result is a very funny superhero image.


shutterstock- vacation 1

Being a superhero is no joke. These guys literally carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, you know. Saving the world, guarding the galaxy, or defending a portion of New York can be a pretty exhausting task and our heroes need to rest. After all, some of them are indeed only human.

Here’s a picture of a vacationing hero. The poor guy’s been working so hard that he’s forgotten to take of half of his suit. He did, however, fashion a very cool cape out of a beach towel. The blue and white stripes kind of make the cape look like the Greek flag. So, perhaps this superhero is on vacation in Athens, enjoying the Greek cuisine and the beautiful historical monuments.


shutterstock- dustbuster 1

Unfortunately, saving the world is a process that often causes a lot of property damage. But after the buildings are taken down, the roads are torn up and the dust has settled, someone will have to take care of all of the mess. Recently, a sitcom set in the DC Comics Universe showed us what’s it like to clean up after superheroes. Marvel’s Damage Control, a company tasked with repairing the property damage caused by superheroes and supervillains, is apparently getting a movie. Clearly, cleaning superheros are very important.

Enter, the Dustbuster, a cleaning superhero who doesn’t joke around. This image is part of a set showing a husband tackle house chores like a true superhero. Dusting, cleaning, vacuuming, repair work, this man does it all and appears to be having a good time.


shutterstock- eco man 1

Climate change is considered one of the top ten most critical problems in the world. Peaceful protests and events are often organized to raise awareness about the devastating impacts of climate change. The media as well as celebrities have been vocal in their support for prevention of climate change.

Comic books have been known to address serious issues at times. Back in 1941, Captain America punched Adolf Hitler on the cover of his first comic book issue. Since then, comic book heroes have bravely faced and fended off threats such as fascism, nuclear annihilation and as of recent climate change. So, maybe with that in mind, the creators of the above featured stock image came up with an eco-superhero in order to promote the use of environment-friendly transportation.


shutterstock- superdog 1

Comic books have featured a number of dog companions over the decades. Some canine heroes have even gotten live-action adaptations. Lockjaw made his on-screen debut on Marvel’s Inhumans, while Cosmo had a cameo in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. DC Comics most famous dog Rex has yet to make his live-action debut. The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow could be the right place for Rex to make a cameo appearance. Here’s hoping.

But the point is, dogs have found their place in the world of comic books. And the author of this stock image decided to create an adorable dog superhero. Given that Superdog is rescuing a kitten, the purpose of the image could be to promote good relations between cats and dogs.


shutterstock- arriva 1

Over the years, both Marvel and DC Comics have introduced a number of Hispanic superheroes and villains. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have heroes such as Yo-Yo and Robbie Reyes, The Flash has Cisco Ramon, and so on and so forth. Yet, neither of these heroes look anything like the one on this image. Mariachi by day and Super-mariachi by night, this hero truly is one-of-a-kind.

Obviously, this is not the first hero to put on a sombrero instead of a hood. She does seem to share a lot with Zorro. Still, it is a very funny concept for a superhero. Perhaps one day we will indeed get to see a hero fighting alongside the Avengers or Justice League while dressed in a mariachi outfit. His weapon of choice can be the maracas.


shutterstock- fat man 2

Superheroes are usually in peak human condition, extremely buffed and incredibly attractive. Over the years, we did get to see some of our favorite heroes put on some weight. In Flash #155, Gorilla Grodd shot Barry with a gun that made him absorb moisture and swell up like a blowfish. As a result, the Flash got really fat. The CW’s Flash paid homage to this hilarious comic book storyline earlier this season when Cisco’s new suit malfunctioned.

The superhero on this stock image seems to be having a bit of a weight problem too. Apparently, he’s been trying to lose weight and gain some muscle, but it doesn’t seem to be going according to plan. But the best part about this image is that the guy’s wearing a T-shirt with a lightning.


shutterstock- cant even 1

Some of these images can be explained at least to a certain degree. We can draw some parallels, make some assumptions and even find a possible reason for the existence of such a weird photo. That being said, after seeing this particular image we drew a blank. No matter how you choose to look at it, this stock image doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

By all standards, it shouldn’t exist. What possible usage could this image have? What are the odds that someone will need a picture of a superhero wearing a flower pot instead of a helmet? Obviously, someone out there thought that there will come a time when this image will pay off. We sure hope it does, because this is just so wonderfully weird.


shutterstock- superteddy 1

First thing that comes to mind after seeing this stock image is "please God don't let this be a promo for another Ted movie". Seth MacFarlane's comedy about a grown man living with a grown living teddy bear named Ted already spawned a horrendous sequel, so turning this humorless movie series into a trilogy would definitely be too much. Luckily, this is not a promo poster for Ted 3, well at least not yet.

This silly image of a flying teddy bear superhero comes from Shutterstock's collection of weird superhero images. The flying Superteddy is part of a set of images featuring the adventures of this teddy bear. Apparently, the teddy bear goes rock climbing and camping after which he puts on the costume and becomes Superteddy.


shutterstock- retired 1

Nothing can lasts forever, not even out mighty heroes. This season on the CW's Arrow we watched Oliver Queen give up his life as the vigilante Green Arrow for the sake of his son. While it is doubtful that Oliver will stay in retirement for long, it is interesting to see Team Arrow trying to keep Star City safe without their leader. But this isn't the first time a hero has retired early on Arrow. Roy Harper has presumably given up the vigilante life when he moved away as well as Thea Queen.

However, when we imagine our heroes going into retirement they more or less look like the gentlemen on the bench. No one wants their favorite superhero to retire at 35 or even 45, but once they officially become grandpas and grandmas it's time to hang up the cape. Although, this retired superhero kept a few souvenirs.


shutterstock- exhausted 1

Saving the world is hard work. The sleepless nights, the fights, the traumatic experiences, all of this takes its toll on a person. It’s a miracle that superheroes don’t collapse from exhaustion considering the kind of lives they lead. Not only should their bodies be completely drained of strength, their minds ought to be collapsing. It wouldn’t be all that surprising if one of them were to walk out the door looking like this fine gentleman.

This superhero doesn’t seem to know whether he’s coming or going. Perhaps he attempted taking a shower to clear his mind, which clearly didn’t work considering that he’s half-dressed. However, this brave man won’t allow his drowsiness to stop him from fulfilling his superhero duties. Well, at the very least he'll try.


shutterstock- toilet

Even the purest of superheroes, boy scouts such as Superman and Captain America, have been caught in compromising situations. Captain America's famous "Hail Hydra" and Superman spanking Lois Lane are not images you can easily un-see. Same goes for this imaginative sneaky photo of a superhero reading a financial newspaper while on the toilet.

When we set out on the search for the weirdest and funniest superhero images Shutterstock has to offer we assumed there'll be some kind of a toilet situation in the mix. In a matter of seconds this gem emerged and our suspicions were proven to be justified. Apparently, this hero spent the day cleaning the house and decided to take a well-deserved break. Is there a better way to unwind than on the toilet with a financial newspaper?

Which of these images do you think is the weirdest? Let us know in the comments!

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