Super Plowers: 19 Times Your Favorite Superhero Starred In A Skin Flick

Where do you go if you want to see a live-action film with superheroes you grew up reading in the most comics-accurate costumes? Marvel Studios? Nope. DC Films? Not even close. The answer is the... "other" film industry. Believe it or not, with the rise of superhero films in the mainstream, there was an even bigger rise… in popularity in the business of skin flicks. These superhero “parody” films feature all the characters (or copyright-safe variations) that you know and love, but in more,decidedly not safe for work scenarios.

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It may surprise you, but the first time that Spider-Man appeared with the Avengers on film was not in Captain America: Civil War. Nope, Spidey was already very familiar with the other heroes in a multitude of films. Want to see Wolverine in his yellow costume? We got you covered (or, y'know, the opposite of covered)! He’s even starring next to Domino! Think Gal Gadot is the only Wonder Woman out there? Think again. There’s even a whole film that is an homage to the Adam West Batman era. So, let’s take a trip to the edge of decency and take a look at 19 times your favorite superhero showed up in a skin flick!


Worried that no one can ever replace Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark? Fear not, true believer! There already exists a man who has starred as Tony Stark in another film. His name is Dale DaBone. Not only does he play Tony Stark with all the same snark and wit as RDJ, but he also does it naked. Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, has been a fixture among Marvel adult parody films since Marvel Studios released the first Iron Man.

Sure, the effects aren’t nearly as good as his MCU counterpart, but DaBone’s film actually has a true-to-comics portrayal of Mandarin. That’s right, no Mandarin fake-out here. There’s also Pepper Pots, Nick Fury, Black Widow, and even Millie the Model. Clearly, these guys are comics fans.


If you watched the recent Wonder Woman film and wondered what it would have been like if there was less plot, more camp, and 100% more sexual activity, then the Wonder Woman adult parody is just for you. The film ditches the whole complicated origin of Diana, and goes right to what fans want to see. Well, what some fans want to see.

One thing is for sure, this film didn’t have the budget to give viewers epic WWI battles. Instead, we see Wonder Woman fighting evil Iraqi spies who are sent to infiltrate the adult film industry. Of all the films on the list, this is the one that is perhaps lightest on plot, and that’s saying something. They clearly know that the fanboys who watch this film are more interested in other aspects of their storytelling.


Spider-Man is one of the most popular fictional characters in the entire world. So, it makes sense that he’s also one of the most popular in adult films, as well. Starring in multiple solo films, a couple Avengers films, and even a film where he fights Superman, Spider-Man gets around in the adult film community.

No matter what you think about the content of the films, one thing is for sure: the costume is amazing. No joke, the costume seen in these films is a mixture of the best parts of Raimi’s Spider-Man and Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It has the big white eyes, but the texture of Tobey Maguire’s suit. It is impressive for any film, let alone a film where he mostly takes off his clothing. So, if you needed a reason to google the film, there you go!


Catwoman is one of the more sensual characters in Batman lore. She is all about seduction, which makes her a perfect fit for a certain type of film. The best example of the naughtier Catwoman is in the Dark Knight adult parody film. There, we see actress Aiden Ashley seduce multiple men and women, but in a way that is actually true to the character.

It almost goes without saying that the costume she wears in the film is revealing, but it also feels like it came from the pages of the comics. Skin-tight black leather, small cat ears, and those goggles all show up on screen. Of course, there are a couple extra additions to the look that we can’t go into detail about here. Suffice it to say, she doesn’t always have to take off her costume to enjoy herself.


There have been a couple different Captain Americas that have starred in stag films. The one we’d like to talk about here is from the legendary actor Evan Stone. In his solo film, you see Captain America team up with Nick Fury and Sharon Carter to take on Madame Hydra and the Red Skull. It’s a storyline that has played out numerous times in the comics, but not entirely like this. In addition to the fighting, we also get those more intimate moments between friends.

Evan Stone has the strong chin and physique that just feel like Steve Rogers. Of course, the regular Steve Rogers might not do some of the things Stone does, but to be fair, we don’t see what happens between issues. What makes Evan Stone’s Captain America even more interesting is that Stone is now famous for portraying another famous American figure in adult films – Donald Trump.


Supergirl is enjoying a recent surge in popularity due to her show on CW, but did you know that she’s also a star of film? Of course, it’s worth noting that in her adult film, Supergirl faces Brainiac and Lex Luthor, while also getting assistance from Batman, Cat Grant, and other DC fan favorites. The flick actually has more comic book ties than the big budget TV show!

That being said, the acting and plot leave a lot to be desired, but if you’re interested in watching Supergirl persuade Batman to help her fight bad guys in a way that is most definitely never shown in the comics, then this film is for you! As we’ve noted, the acting isn’t great, but actress Carter Cruise does look the part, and the costume they give her is the perfect mix of the TV Show and something you might see in the DCEU.

13 X-MEN

One of the biggest complaints from comic book fans is how the X-Men just don’t look or act like the X-Men in the films. Outside of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, many of the other X-Men are forgettable. Well, if you’re hoping to watch a live-action X-Men film with all your favorite characters, looking like they were ripped out of the comic books, then you may just have to turn off the safe-search filter.

The X-Men have appeared in a few different films, featuring actors and actresses dressed in the colorful spandex that you have always hoped you would see. And, in the vein of those Marvel Swimsuit Specials, the characters tend to remove those costumes in a variety of ways. Since there are so many different characters in these films, you also get just about every combination in the bedroom that you could imagine. Let’s just say the X-Mansion is a busy place.


Let’s be honest, odds are we’re never going to get a proper Hawkman and Hawkgirl TV show or film. Sure, the characters have appeared in the Arrowverse and on Smallville, but they’ve never truly been the star. So, fans of these characters may only have the adult film parody to watch to get their proper Hawk-person fix. Also, just for kicks, they threw in appearances by Oliver Queen and Black Canary.

Of all the costumes and actors featured on this list, Hawkman and Hawkgirl look like you went through the aisles of your local costume shop and picked random stuff. Sure, they resemble the characters seen in the comics, but they look ridiculous. The wings are definitely not CGI, which means they look like cheap angel wings badly painted, and the masks are definitely cheap plastic. Makes you long for the days of Smallville, and that’s pretty sad. But like we said, this might be the closest we get to the Hawks on the screen.


If you were a fan of professional wrestling in the late-90s, you are probably looking at the image of She-Hulk from the adult parody film and thinking, “Is that Chyna?” The answer is a resounding YES! After her illustrious wrestling career, Chyna decided to venture into the world of adult film. The film she is probably best known for is her portrayal as the hulked out She-Hulk in the solo film of the same name.

You have to hand it to the team responsible for the film because casting Chyna in the title role is pretty perfect. She has the physique of She-Hulk, and similar to Lou Ferrigno in that you only have to paint her green to pull it off. Also, look out for appearances by half of the Fantastic Four, Hawkeye, and Madame Hydra.


Did you watch the latest footage from the upcoming Justice League film and think that it looks really dark and depressing? Well, you might just enjoy this Justice League parody film a lot more. The costumes featured in the film harken back to the Super Friends era of the heroes.

Sadly, Cyborg looks to be missing, replaced by Robin, but honestly, it had to be because a cybernetic man-part is way too expensive. There’s a lot of villains in the film too, with Lex Luthor, Penguin, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Zatanna, and Poison Ivy making appearances. And, if you want to see them work together as a team, there’s one scene where the male heroes all gather around Wonder Woman and work together for a special cause. It’s the type of inspiration missing from the Snyderverse.


Not to be outdone by the Justice League, the Avengers make an appearance on this list, as well. As teased early in the list, before Captain America: Civil War, the first Avengers parody actually included Spider-Man joining Iron Man, Hulk, and Co. Plus, let’s also mention that they heard the cries from fans saying that there needed to be more female representation because the Avengers parody includes Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers, not Kamala Khan, obviously), She-Hulk, Spider-Woman, Scarlet Witch, and Black Widow. That’s progressive!

Keeping with the theme of this list, the best part of the film (Yes, better than the sexual activity! We watch these films for the story, dammit!) is the way they kept the characters in comic book costumes, and not updated movie outfits. So, you get ridiculous-looking Hawkeye next to Ms. Marvel, in all her glory. And, if you want deep cut characters, the sequel features Red Guardian, Black Cat, and Mockingbird!

8 BATMAN ‘66

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the care and time that obviously went into the look and style of these films. However, none on this list can match the Batman ’66 adult parody. Of all the films parodied in this list, the 1960s Batman TV series is the closest to being an adult film based on the tone itself. Insert some sex scenes, and you pretty are done!

So, when they adapted that series for the adult film, it looks and feels just like the TV series. So much time went into every aspect of this parody. They actually rented a Batmobile used in the original series, and actor Randy Spears growing a thin mustache just to paint it white as the Joker, just as Cesar Romero did in the series. If you are nostalgic for ’60s-era Batman, give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed!


How do you make an adult film out of a movie where the two biggest breakout characters are a talking tree and talking racoon? Well, first you take the talking racoon, cast a human woman to play the character and make her wear a racoon mask the whole time. Then using digital effects, you shrink her down to appropriate size. For Groot, you just make an actor wear a wooden tree costume… that is shaped like a part of the male anatomy.

That’s right, in Gnardians of the Galaxy (not a typo), Starlord, Gamora, Drax, Groot, and Rocket save the galaxy from Ronan. Just like the regular Guardians film, right? Not really. You see, the infinity stone is replaced by an adult toy, and the Guardians seem to be busy being intimate with each other to really do much else. That being said, watching a human-sized tree shaped like a man-part is pretty hilarious.


Seriously, look at the image from the Batman v Superman adult parody film. If you squint just a little, you might swear that’s a promotional image of Henry Cavil from Man of Steel. The suit, the pose, and the lighting looked ripped out of the Zack Snyder playbook. Director Axel Braun, who is responsible for much of what you’ve seen in this list, really captured what you might expect from Snyder when creating this film.

Superman looks incredible. The suit is spot-on compared to what he wears in the films. The actor, Ryan Driller (probably not his real name), has the all-American good looks, with the chiseled chin, that Warner Bros. might want to hire him to fill in for Cavil if needed. If that’s not enough to sell you on the film, there’s also a gratuitous amount of nudity and sexual activity featuring just about every Superman and Batman character you can imagine.


You have to give props to Sinister Comixxx for making their Birds of Prey adult film parody. When everyone else is making Avengers and Batman films, they decided to go with Birds of Prey. It’s also clever because that gives their target audience three attractive women to stare at the entire time.

The film gives you exactly what you’d expect, as a Birds of Prey comic book fan. You get Oracle, Huntress, and Black Canary, all in fairly comics-accurate apparel. There were some liberties taken with the costumes in the film, with bits of fabric seemingly erased. However, you also get Dr. Harleen Quinzel and Talia al Ghul as villains, which is just an added bonus. This is clearly aimed at comics fans and people who loved the short-lived TV show and just wished there was lots and lots of sex.


You had to guess they’d make a Thor adult film, right? Of all the Avengers, Cap included, Thor is obviously the character that is the biggest beefcake of them all. The adult parody shares a lot of similarities to the Marvel Studios film. All the characters you know and love show up, including Lady Sif, Jane Foster, Heimdall, and, of course, Loki. However, Tom Hiddleston doesn’t need to worry about anyone replacing him anytime soon.

Actor Brendon Miller plays Thor and he definitely looks the part. The costume is pretty accurate to the film, with the more expensive parts replaced with plastic or fabric. Miller definitely has the long, flowing blonde hair, with the beard. So, if you miss the days of long-hair Thor, you can look at Mr. Miller’s portrayal.


Those looking for comic book accuracy don’t need to really watch the Incredible Hulk parody film. The film doesn’t have Hulk teaming up with other heroes and saving the day. No, the film is an origin story that wonders what would happen if the Hulk doesn’t smash when he gets angry, but instead, he smooshes.

Another reason to maybe pass on this film is the makeup effect for the title character. They literally just paint a guy green and throw a really bad wig on him. Yes, before you ask, they definitely paint ALL of him green. But instead of looking cool, he comes off as a really bad Lou Ferrigno cosplay. With the high quality parodies all around, you have to step up your game to compete!


Some might say that the acting and style of Suicide Squad was already reminiscent of a skin flick. If you agree, then you’d love the Suicide Squad parody film featuring everyone’s favorite psychologist-turned-bad, Harley Quinn. In the parody film, they replace the tagline “Worst. Heroes. Ever.” with “Hottest. Heroes. Ever.” Outside of that, you might not see much of a difference between the films.

Harley Quinn is decked out in everyone’s favorite cosplay from 2016, and the “Juggalo Joker” is along for the ride as well. The film really goes after the audience that watched the film and was disappointed that Batman, Joker, and Harley never hooked up. All joking aside, Kleio Valentien looks amazing as Harley, and there’s actually an appearance by Killer Frost, which is proof that those making the adult parody know the comics probably a little more than the people at WB.


We all wish we could have seen at least one movie where Hugh Jackman wears the classic yellow Wolverine costume. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that will ever happen. However, if you’re still anxious to see a live-action Wolverine in his classic costume, there’s an adult film waiting for you. Granted, the film seriously lacks a budget, and has acting worse than X-Men: The Last Stand, but it still has enough comic book Easter Eggs to make people happy.

Another aspect of the Wolverine lore that was missing from most of the X-Men films is the fact that Logan is quite the ladies man. Well, the Wolverine adult parody more than makes up for it, with the title character getting intimate with Domino, Jean Grey, Rogue, and others. There’s also a Deadpool cameo! Your move Jackman and Reynolds!

This is normally where we would ask which other superhero skin flick parodies you know and love... but you might want to keep that to yourself.

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