Superhero Improv Is Good

My buddy Justin Davis dropped me a line to let y'all know about a super-cool improv group he is appearing in called KA-BAAM!!

Check out the artwork for the group by Ryan Sook (click to enlarge)!!

The group was founded by current Amazing Spider-Man editor Steve Wacker, and every weekend, it features a group of improvisational comedians who use audience suggestions to act out the origins of three brand-new superheroes! Then, a comic book artist will draw a big cover featuring the three heroes together, and the group will use that cover as the inspiration for a group adventure!

Sounds pretty cool, no? The group is finishing up its run in Austin at the Hideout Theater on July 5th, so there's only two shows left! Be sure to get tickets now (you can get ticket reservations here)!

The current comic book artist is Paul Maybury, who recently did an awesome job on Aqua Leung!

People of Texas - see KA-BAAM!!

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