Superhero Gaming Gets Gritty: Nocturnals, Authority/StormWatch RPGs announced

[Nocturnals]After seeing their popularity wane in the 1980s and 1990s, roleplaying games have been on an upsurge since the release of a new version of the venerable Dungeons and Dragons game back in 2000. And with that resurgence has come new superhero games.

But while Marvel and DC Comics ruled the superhero gaming shelves the last time roleplaying games were this successful, two newly announced licensed games are a far cry from the bright four color worlds of the Fantastic Four and Superman.

Canadian company Guardians of Order announced this week that they will be releasing a new line of superhero games in 2004 based on the DC/WildStorm Authority and StormWatch series. Both books featured a more world rife with more realistic consequences than standard superhero universes, as well as more violence and a much-imitated "widescreen" approach to superhero storytelling.

The rulebook for the line is scheduled for a spring 2004 release, with supplements being released throughout the year following. The game will use the company's Tri-Stat rule system.

Green Ronin, best known for their D&D compatible books and adventures, has landed the license to produce a new book adapting Dan Brereton's horror-noir Nocturnals for the company's Mutants & Masterminds game.

"Nocturnals: A Midnight Companion" will feature a new 8 page Nocturnals comic in addition to being a source book on the world of the Nocturnals, as well as including information on how players can play as the Nocturnals or create their own Nocturnals-style characters. Mutants & Masterminds uses the D20 gaming rules, a derivative of the Dungeons and Dragons rules system.

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