15 Mind-Blowing Superhero Cartoon Cosplays

superhero cartoon cosplay

It's not  news when we say that cosplaying is hard. Besides getting the look of the costume right, you have to have intense discipline to sculpt your hair, face, and body to look just like the character you're trying to emulate. So how do you take it to the next level? What if, instead of trying to cosplay your favorite comic book character, you went one step ahead and tried to emulate a superhero cartoon character? Would it be harder or easier to try and model yourself after an animated character instead of a still panel? How accurate can you be when modeling yourself after a cartoon?

This is where people step up their game. Cosplayers, by modeling cartoons, are rocking it in new and exciting ways. This involves body paint, colorful wardrobe, and bold choices that will make your eyes pop out of your head in amazement... just like in a cartoon! Would Rick from Rick and Morty be even more Rick-ier as an actual person? How do the Powerpuff Girls look as people when not drawn with impossibly large eyes and giant heads? Is it impossible or Kim Possible? You may never look at your favorite characters again as we take a look at 15 mind-blowing superhero cartoon cosplays.

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Ever feel like the Hulk is just way too strong? Did you ever look at Superman and think to yourself that the Man of Steel can do almost anything? Before you dismiss them for being too powerful, allow us to introduce you to One Punch Man, an awesome cartoon that deconstructs the superhero genre. Just how strong is he? He can pretty much beat anyone with just one punch.

If you think the idea of someone that can beat anyone with one punch is ridiculous, so does Saitama, also known as One Punch Man. Saitama joins the Hero Association and takes on an apprentice (a cyborg named Genos), and struggles with being too darn good. It has beautiful animation, great action and is wonderful, smart fun. The cosplay is by riley_miner with the outfit designed by elizabethrage.


Maybe she's a hero, maybe she's a villain; it depends on what day you get her. Terra from Teen Titans has a backstory that is as elaborate as it is tragic. Although her brother is the superhero Geo-Force, she kept bad company in the form of Slade Wilson, known to most as Deathstroke. It was Deathstroke's influence that got her to turn against her fellow Teen Titans teammates. She unfortunately turned into a stone statue while trying to stop a volcano.

Here we see Instagrammer irina_sabetskaya taking an awesome superhero selfie of herself. The long hair, blue eyes, and black turtleneck all look like great homages to animated Terra. The belly shirt, the bright yellow shorts, even the thick gloves are excellent additions to detail. We guess Deathstroke wasn't available to take the photo for her. Too soon?


When you look at Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles, you may ask yourself: "Just how dangerous could these three girls be?" Anyone that knows the Powerpuff Girls is aware that they are as strong as they are cute, and thanks to their creator Professor Utonium, Townsvillle can rest easy another day thanks to their crimefighting ways. With their big eyes and even bigger heads, how are you supposed to cosplay them?

Thanks to Instagrammer queenofluna to come up with an ingenious solution. She nails not only the colors of the outfits, but also take a look at the intense colors of her eyes! She was even able to get their attitudes down with her facial expressions! She is a Malaysian makeup artist who also incorporates her hijab in her cosplaying. If you loved her as the Powerpuff Girls, you'll also love her as Mulan and Maleficent.


Do you need a Council of Ricks to know which Rick is the most Rick? Could he be one of the survivors of Dimension C-137 before it went all Cronenberg? If you're a fan of Rick and Morty, you know that the duo loves to dimension hop as well as space travel. On their adventures, they've seen numerous variations of our universe, including one where people are chairs (and chairs are people) and another dimension of just razor blades.

Here we see cosplayer jaacksays as the Rick we know and love. No he's not Cool Rick or Simple Rick or even Pickle Rick, he's the Rick that gets his grandson Morty to go on wild space adventures. No Rick cosplay is complete without a flask filled with booze and weird alcohol-induced drool. We're very impressed by the details in his contact lenses to get the Rick look just right!


Raven and Beast Boy from the cartoon Teen Titans are two very diverse characters. Raven is very mysterious, whereas Beast Boy is outgoing and playful. In the cartoon, Raven is portrayed as having somewhat of a grayish skin tone, while Beast Boy has green skin and a cute protruding bottom tooth. Cosplaying those two characters takes skill, makeup artistry, and a good understanding of their personalities to really nail it.

Not only does Hopie-chan give us the quiet intensity that Raven gives off, we also see the excitement and eagerness for action that Beast Boy conveys thanks to xHee-Heex. And look, Beast Boy even has the protruding tooth! Seeing them side by side not only shows off their cosplay abilities, but how they get the characters and their inner thoughts. Bravo!


How do you innovate a cosplay like Robin? Do you go the campy route the way that Burt Ward did in the Batman television show from the 1960s? Do you go the Chris O'Donnell route from the 1995 film Batman Forever? You also have the Teen Titans version of Robin, which looks more like Japanese Anime. So how do you shake things up with a Robin cosplay that people haven't seen before? Body paint.

This cosplay is done by KayPikeFashion and she is no stranger to body paint. She's put together other superhero portrayals by eschewing traditional costumes and picking up a paintbrush. Here the cartoon cosplay is taken quite literally as we see that she's emulated the Tim Drake version of Robin. The colors are bold just like that of a cartoon and we can't help but do several double-takes at the ingenuity of capturing the Boy Wonder. Holy body paint, Batman!


The cartoon series Voltron premiered back in 1984. Several reboots have occurred over the years, with a CGI version debuting in 1998, another one on Nicktoons in 2011 and then most recently on Netflix in 2016. In previous incarnations, one of the pilots, Allura, was a blonde woman. In the newest Netflix version, she is an Altean woman with white hair, brown skin, and blue eyes with purple pupils.

College student and cosplayer uniquesora does an incredible job as a real life princess! Playing an alien can be difficult, but when you've got the determination anything is possible! The eye color, the pointed ears, even the variation on the paladin armor looks spot on. Now all we need to do is put her in a giant robotic lion and we'll be all set!


Don't call it a comeback, because the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles never left! The comic premiered in 1984 and the turtles have appeared on television and in films both animated and live action! Just when you think we're done with the pizza-eating sewer dwellers, they come back for more! This is one of your harder outfits to cosplay, but the call was answered... and Splinter is not too far behind!

Check out wmorey37, who built the costumes and even pays it forward by telling you how to construct your own turtle team using paper mache! Unlike most cosplays where you're putting on makeup or designing clothes, this requires a prosthetic head, and the details put into them are fun and definitely reminiscent of the first cartoon that aired back in 1987!


The Tick premiered as a live action show on television in 2001 but was rebooted in 2016 and can be watched on Amazon. However, years before you could watch it as an animated show on Fox in 1994, back in the day when there were still Saturday morning cartoons. The Tick isn't the smartest hero out there, but as the saying goes, if you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough. The Tick is virtually indestructible to pain as well as common sense.

Here we have a gender swap, thanks to dangrrrdoll. We like the variation on the costume, but look at the great, oversized antennae protruding from her head! The bright blue outfit is evocative of a cartoon, even though the original color of the costume was supposed to be brown. The only thing missing here is his sidekick, Arthur!


There are a lot of cool characters from the future. Whether it's Cable or The Legion of Superheroes, coming from the future gives you a certain amount of cred. Of course, every rule has an exception and that rule in this case is Michael Jon Carter, but you might know him better as Booster Gold. Our time-traveling hero doesn't get a lot of love and is oddly reminiscent of Captain Amazing from Mystery Men.

Before you get Skeets, can we also throw in old school Blue Beetle? We're talking Ted Kord here so show some respect! To keep things interesting, let's do a gender swap and feature cosplayer norths.star as Booster Gold and sleepysamcosplay as Blue Beetle. Check out the Legion Flight Ring on Booster! That's quite the bling! Not to be outdone, Blue Beetle more tactical gear looks absolutely phenomenal!


Scooby-Doo has been around since 1969 but from the looks of things, Daphne, Velma, Scooby, Fred, and Shaggy really haven't changed much. They haven't gotten any older and they don't seem to be slowing down their crimefighting adventures anytime soon. Each have their iconic looks that you can spot from a mile away. If you see a blond guy wearing an ascot or a stoner in a green shirt, you know who you're looking at.

It seems like uncannymegan as Daphne and cosmicempress as Velma have more than just the iconic outfits down. In actual fact, it appears that the two went out of their way to get outfits that match the colors and material of what their clothing looks like in the cartoons, but jeepers they also really look like them too! Photos by cerberus_fotos.


Don't you just hate it when going to high school interferes with your ability to fight crime? It's hard to get work done when a mad scientist named Dr. Drakken is plotting to take over the world. Fortunately Kim Possible is great at multi-tasking and with help from her partner Ron Stoppable they'll save the day and still be back in time for homeroom.

Even we didn't think that this Kim Possible cosplay was possible! South African cosplayer kinpatsucosplay not only has the outfit and hair down, but look at her bright, green eyes! Try not to stare too long, otherwise you might get hypnotized by how impressive the cosplay is! Although she seems a bit too mature for high school, saving the world does make you grow up fast. Kids today!


Can anyone truly explain the popularity of Harley Quinn? She made her actual debut not in the comics but in Batman: The Animated Series, and then her popularity only rose when she was portrayed by Margot Robbie in the 2016 film Suicide Squad. Most cosplays involve Harley's t-shirt outfit from the film, but can we get some love for the court jester version of Daddy's Little Monster?

Here we see cosplayer enasniv paying homage to the cartoon version of Harley Quinn. Not only does she look like a walking piece of animation, she's even wielding a comically large wooden hammer as well. Maybe it's the white face paint, the big hammer or the goofy smirk, but we can't help but think that she looks more cartoon than she does person!


The animated series Batman Beyond launched in 1999 and took place in a possible future timeline in which the Batman mantle was taken up by Terry McGinnis with an older Bruce Wayne taking on a support role, similar to Alfred. McGinnis wore a futuristic suit that made him less like Batman and more like Iron Man. The suit granted him flight, enhanced strength and vulnerability. He also rocked a number of futuristic weapons.

In this cosplay, we see all of the hard work put into the suit by cosplaymademe. We're particularly impressed by the mask and how it has wonderfully long ears and an outline of his face. He also took liberties by accentuating the red lines, giving it more of a cyberpunk feel. Excellent job -- you would make even Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth proud.


If you think The Avengers, The Defenders and the Justice League have given us superhero team fatigue, guess again! To fight the forces of bland cosplay, to challenge the lazy people that wrap a towel around their neck, to defeat those basic heroes that simply buy their costumes from a store, this team is the one for you! Go, Teen Titans!

Superhero role call! We have our dream of Teen Titans thanks to cosplayers Elizabethrage as Raven, hendoart as Terra, ashlynnedaecosplay as Starfire, riansynnth as Blackfire, chrisvillain as Beast Boy, eberlecosplay as RedX. All of the hard work was photographed by yorkinabox and the amazing costumes were made with material from shavalifabric! We're glad Blackfire and Starfire put aside their differences to take a photo, now all we need to do is unmask RedX!

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