Superhero Captain Rochester Fights Against Counterfeit Semiconductors

Official Press Release

Rochester Electronics is an industry leader in the fight against counterfeit and substandard semiconductors that make their way into products and processes we use every day - with potentially devastating, life-threatening results. To raise awareness worldwide, Rochester introduced Captain Rochester and his team of valiant allies, who diligently fight to defeat their treacherous counterfeiting enemies. Captain Rochester informs the semiconductor industry's original manufacturers, customers, government agencies and the general public about the dangers of counterfeit and substandard devices, and shows them what they can do to keep the world's supply chain free of life-threatening components. Captain Rochester's never-ending quest for semiconductor traceability, credibility, and quality can be followed at www.captainrochester.com.

"The fraudulent manufacturing and distribution of fake and substandard semiconductors is an omnipresent and persistent problem throughout the electronics industry," said Captain Rochester in a rare interview from his control center deep inside Rochester Electronics' Newburyport, Mass. headquarters.

George Karalias, director of marketing and communications at Rochester, who co-created Captain Rochester with company co-president Paul Gerrish in 2006, said, "The ever-shortening lifecycle of electronic components has left many industries looking for solutions for their immediate manufacturing needs, as well as for a long-term support strategy. Unfortunately, this ever-growing problem has led to the proliferation of counterfeiting. Everyone in the electronics world knows too well the catastrophic and compounding failures that can be caused by counterfeit components."

Karalias adds, "Captain Rochester knows there are only two ways to effectively fight counterfeiting. One is for the industry to work together with law enforcement agencies worldwide. Only through sharing information and cooperating can we catch and convict counterfeiters. The second way companies who use semiconductors can fight counterfeiting is to purchase only from original manufacturers or an authorized distributor to ensure they are getting top quality, guaranteed components."

Rochester Electronics has recently released two sets of collectible trading cards featuring Captain Rochester and his cast of allies and enemies. This groundbreaking project features the work of some of the comic book industry's most celebrated talent. Enthusiasts will recognize the work of Scott Shaw!, Keith Knight, Floyd Norman, Dan Parent, Fred Hembeck, Gene Colan, Willie Ito, Stan Sakai, Mort Drucker, Stephanie Buscema, Peter Bagge, Al Jaffee, Art Baltazar, Brent Anderson, Dave Alvarez, Sergio Aragones, Jack Davis, Dean Yeagle, BK Taylor, Steven Silver, Ken Steacy, Jeff Keane, Jack Katz, Steve Rude, Gary Owens, and many others.

As new plots and adventures unfold, Captain Rochester will continue to battle against the "dark side" of the industry. Trusted cohorts such as Major Sustainment, Semmy Flushmount, and Benny Shillingsworth will do their part in the Captain's fight against their toughest adversaries, including Count DerFitter, Vinny Testamaybee, Static Discharge, and Steal Trap.

Visit Rochester Electronics at San Diego Comic-Con International, July 21 - 25, 2010, Table I-8, to learn more about Captain Rochester and his continuing quest for semiconductor traceability, credibility, and quality.

For more information, contact Rochester Electronics at 16 Malcolm Hoyt Drive, Newburyport, Massachusetts 01950; by phone 978-462-9332; by fax at 978-462-9512; e-mail sales@rocelec.com; or on the Web at www.rocelec.com.

About Rochester Electronics, LLCRochester Electronics, LLC, is the world's most comprehensive source and solution for discontinued semiconductors. Authorized by over 60 leading semiconductor manufacturers, Rochester purchases all remaining finished devices, wafer/die, and available intellectual property. All products are 100% manufacturer traceable and certified. Rochester's product offering includes more than five billion finished devices, ten billion die, and 20,000+ Rochester continuing manufacturing device types. Rochester is privately held. Worldwide corporate headquarters are located at 16 Malcolm Hoyt Drive, Newburyport, MA 01950 USA; sales offices are also located throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. Phone 978-462-9332, Email: sales@rocelec.com, Web site: www.rocelec.com.

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