15 Superhero Actors With Siblings Who Are More Attractive

Superheroes! They're Gods among us. Paragons of moral virtue and anatomically perfect representations of the human form. Look at a comic book superhero on the page and you'll see how they tower over the "average joes" that represent the likes of us. They're men and women who transcend our limitations. They're like us...but better. Thus, it's easy to see why only the most talented, charismatic, charming and dazzlingly beautiful characters are employed to play them. Look at any MCU movie, and DCEU movie or at any of the Arrowverse and you'll see a parade of super beautiful people whose faces and physiques are made up and sculpted to resemble the iconic figures of comic book legend. Don't they just make you feel inferior?

If you often stare green with envy at the gym buffed super popular celebs of superhero movies and television, worry not! They may be images of superheroic perfection to us, but to their families they're as unremarkable as the rest of us. In fact, in many families, the icon of the screen whom we've come to worship and adore... Isn't even the good looking one, the smart one or the talented one, as you can see by checking out these super attractive siblings.


Chris Evans is the living embodiment of everything Captain America stands for. He's a super nice guy who's also a terrific ambassador for playing the character that symbolizes the very ideals upon which America was founded. He's embraced his status as a role model with a grace and humility that would make Steve Rogers proud. He's been a champion for justice, compassion and charity on social media and done some wonderful work with children. Also...just look at him!

But Chris will probably shrug all this off and say that it's his younger brother Scott who's the good looking one. An accomplished actor in his own right, Scott has not only helped Chris hone his acting craft but broaden his understanding of civil rights. Scott is openly gay and has helped his brother to understand the civil rights issues still faced today by the LGBTQ community.


It must take serious cajones for an actor to step into the shoes (and wheelchair) of the great Patrick Stewart to wrest from him his second most iconic role. Scottish actor James McAvoy, however, proved himself more than up to the challenge, playing the mutant patriarch and mentor Charles Xavier in X-Men: First Class and beyond. He won acclaim for his able performance and enticed legions of new fans with his boyish good looks and impish charm. Unbeknownst to many, however, he's not the only McAvoy who can turn heads.

His stunning sister Joy has a devoted fan base of her own. A veteran of British TV dramas and small independent films Joy has an impressive acting resume to rival her brothers. She even starred alongside him in 2013's Filth.



Long before he was running rings around rogues and throwing supersonic punches as The Flash, Grant Gustin was still a teen heartthrob. The actor and singer first enamored audiences with his portrayals of Sebastian Smythe in Glee and Campbell Price in 90210. Looking at his televisual back catalog it's hard to imagine a personality more engaging, more affable and more attractive... Until you say hello to his older brother Tyler. While the younger Gustin is a social media mainstay, his brother is a bona fide social media celebrity.

Though he may have rose to prominence on his brother's fame, Tyler has made a reputation for himself as a content creator and photographer with an impressive portfolio...not to mention those smoldering good looks of his!


They say that Julie Newmar is the only Catwoman, but if you were an adolescent in the early '90s there was more than likely a poster of Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman in pride of place on your bedroom wall. Even among those who hate Tim Burton's divisive Batman Returns there's a universal respect not only for Pfeiffer's intriguing and daring performance but for how sensational she looked in the role. Even now, a quarter century later, Michelle is no less stunning.

By no means, however, was she the only talented beauty raised in the Pfeiffer household. Her younger sister Dedee has been a presence in Tinseltown for decades too, having dazzled audiences with her good looks and charm. She even appeared in the February 2002 issue of Playboy. She eventually quit acting to study forensic science...how cool is that?!?



She has the face of an angel, the signing voice of a siren and more talent than you could aim Black Widow's twin Glocks at, but she doesn't have her own Marvel movie (something that seriously needs to happen before the MCU as we know it ceases to exist). She's crafted many memorable characters on screen, including the role of Samantha in Her which is one of the best in her career even though she uses only her voice, but to Marvel fans she'll always be Natasha Romanova.

However adored she may be by hardcore marvel fans and general audiences alike, she still looks up (literally) to her big sister Vanessa. Vanessa Johansson combines her younger sister's seraphic beauty with the height and proportions that any catwalk model would be proud of.


Before this year's Justice League showed us a Superman that's brighter, more optimistic and a little closer to his comic book roots, some die hard fans of the Man of Steel were less than impressed by the on-screen representation of their hero. Superman fans were given renewed hope last year, however, and they didn't have to look up in the sky... but at their television screen.

Tyler Hoechlin gave fans the smiling and accessible interpretation of Superman that many fans had yearned for while many tuned in more for Hoechlin's chiseled good looks than his fine performance. One look at his younger brother (and fellow actor) Tanner, however, and you can see that with his solid jaw and icy blue eyes that he could just as easily have stepped into the blue tights to play the



Amy Adams is a veritable goddess of the screen. Even before she stepped into the fray of superhero cinema as (arguably) the best Lois Lane ever to grace the movie screen she was a veteran actress with an impressive list of credits to her name that garnered her a substantial and devoted fan base. She seems equally comfortable in big blockbusters like Enchanted and the movies of the DCEU or small character driven pieces like Nocturnal Animals. It's not for nothing that she's one of the highest paid actresses in the world.

Her hunky brother Eddie, however, (who bears a striking resemblance to the late, great Heath Ledger) has a diverse performance catalog of his own. With that lantern jaw and those sapphire eyes he could surely bag a role as a DC comics mainstay himself.


Taking cheap shots at Josh Trank's troubled and unspeakably messy Fant4stic is fairly low hanging fruit. One thing that the film had going for it was some risky casting choices which would have paid off had the material allowed them to play to their strengths. Kate Mara has the makings of a half decent Sue Storm with her warm screen presence and girl next door good looks.

While Kate Mara is always a welcome screen presence for superhero film fans (she also had a brief cameo in Iron Man 2) her sister Rooney is even more compelling. Some people have faces that you never tire of looking at and Rooney Mara is definitely one of those people. Don't let her decidedly un-glamorous turn as Lisbeth Salander in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo fool you. There's a rare beauty in those piercing eyes and that incredible bone structure!



Few actors are more adored by the fanboy and fangirl community than Zoe Saldana. Even before she wowed us with her commanding performance as Gamora in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies she wowed fans with her equally commanding performance as Nyota Uhura in the newly rebooted Star Trek movies. It can't have been easy stepping into such an iconic and important role and Zoe did it with aplomb.

Okay, we might as well hold our hands up and admit it, nobody's more attractive than Zoe Saldana but few could deny that her brother brother Nipo has an attractive and compelling look of his own. Nipo is not only an actor himself he's a prominent figure in Dominican hip hop proving that multifaceted talent and good looks just run in some families.


Tall, handsome and the embodiment of the corn fed Midwestern farm boy through and through, it's easy to see why Bryan Singer chose Brandon Routh to fulfill unenviable task of stepping into the tights of the late, great Christopher Reeve for Superman Returns. Although the film generally fared well among critics who enjoyed the rose tinted nostalgia of the film, many fans found it too ponderous.

Despite his promise of a sequel that would be "like The Wrath of Khan", Singer did not return and the project was shelved. Fans were delighted, however when Routh returned to DC as  Ray Palmer/the Atom in the Arrowverse. Coming from such affable and charming stock, it should come as no surprise that Brandon's sister Sara (a singer and songwriter) is not only super talented but absolutely cute as a button!



Does anyone else feel crazy old? It seems like just yesterday that a clever and subversive superhero movie called Kick Ass took the world by surprise with its deliciously dark wit, askance take on superhero cinema and a good performance by Nicolas Cage. The film would've been a hit off the back of these facets but the icing on this cake was a gutter mouthed pre-teen with a penchant for extreme violence by the name of Hit Girl.

While nobody was looking the young actress who played her, Chloe Grace Moretz changed from a precocious kid to a beautiful woman and accomplished thespian. The force must be strong in those Moretz genes because big brother Trevor is also a sight to behold with the height, lean physique thick blond hair, firm jaw and delicate features that would have secured him a lucrative modelling career had he not become an actor.


It takes a special kind of actor to hold his own against a screen presence as formidable as Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman. Warner Bros. showed that, whatever problems audiences may have with the DCEU as a whole, they know how to cast. As Steve Trevor, Chris Pine demonstrated his trademark wit and charisma as well as a self-effacing humility that made him a worthy paramour for Diana Prince.

Of course, Pine's winsome manner and boyish good looks have broken many an audience member's heart in his long and storied acting career but though his older sister Katherine, also an actress, may not be as well known to the fan community she's every bit the bombshell! With a classical beauty and a winning smile that must run in the family Katherine Pine is as compelling a screen presence as her brother.



There's a lot to like about The Flash. It's clever, witty, fun, charming, full of heart and while it remains deeply respectful of the Scarlet Speedster's comic book heritage, it doesn't take itself all that seriously. There are also a whole bunch of gorgeous people turning in equally gorgeous performances. Most of us fell in love with Danielle Panabaker's Caitlin Snow early on in season one but her few detractors were silenced when the actress flexed her villainous chops in season two becoming the iconic Killer frost of Earth-2.

While The Flash was the first look at Ms Panabaker to many, she began her career making Disney movies like Sky High and Read It And Weep. In the latter she co-starred with her sister Kay who is (somehow) even more stunning! Kay has since quit acting to become a zookeeper which is... pretty awesome!


Zachary Levi is one of those actors whose comic book fandom ran deep way before he joined the realm of superhero cinema. Perhaps that was the reason why he accepted the thankless task of replacing Josh Dallas as Fandral (who originally beat him to the role) in Thor: The Dark World. Indeed, it's telling that a lot of mainstream audiences didn't even notice the difference. Hopefully the actor will have more luck in the DCEU playing Shazam in the coming years.

With his sincere charm and chiseled looks it's easy to see how the actor would be suited to the role. Though she may not be an actress by trade, his sister Shekinah Pugh shares so much of Levi's natural charm and dazzling looks she could quite conceivably play Mary Marvel alongside him!



Actress. Advocate. Activist. Awesome! Those are just a few of the words (beginning with a) that could be used to describe Amber Heard. Though she had previously been fan cast in many superhero roles from Power Girl to Captain Marvel nobody was disappointed to see her cast opposite Jason Momoa's Aquaman as Mera in Justice League. Though it seems much of her contribution to the film fell victim to Kevin Tsujihara's allegedly mandated ruthless cuts, we're all excited to see her play the role again next year in James Wan's Aquaman.

Through the highs and lows of her meteoric rise to fame, Amber's younger sister and fellow actress Whitney has always been at her side. Not only does Whitney share her sister's passion for the acting craft, she also shares her ethereal beauty.


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