Supergirls steal hearts at White House Science Fair

At the fifth annual White House Science Fair, a troop of Girl Scouts dressed as Supergirl hoped to save the day with a page-turning robot, NBC News reports.

The 6-year-old girls, who hail from Tulsa, Oklahoma, designed the robot out of LEGO for the purpose of helping the disabled. Donning red capes over their blue Girl Scout uniforms, they stopped by the White House in order show President Barack Obama their work and dazzled him with their know-how. "This is a quote. They said, 'It's just a prototype,'" he said.

The Girl Scouts' display was one of three dozen exhibits shown at the White House that day. Among the other projects were a wave tank that showed how a lakeside power-generating system works, a robot that caught and threw balls and software that looks for potential new drugs to treat cancer, Ebola and other diseases.

Obama also announced a $25 million grant competition as part of its Ready-to-Learn Television program along with several other incentives to promote science literacy.

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