"Supergirl" Will Explore Cadmus Labs in Season 2, Says EP Andrew Kreisberg

"Supergirl" is fresh off her team up with The Flash, but that doesn't mean the other threats in her life -- including the mysterious Cadmus Labs -- have gone anywhere. In fact, according to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, Cadmus is just getting started.

"It's going to remain more of an evil, specter-y thing that's out there, but it's definitely something that we're going to pursue," he told IGN. "You know, Cadmus has such a rich history in the comics and the animated shows. There's so much there to mine. It'll definitely be part of Season 2."

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Fans familiar with the DC Universe will recognize Cadmus Labs as the organization that successfully combined Superman and Lex Luthor's DNA to create Superboy. If you have any doubts about cloning technology in the "Supergirl" universe, make sure you check out the TVs behind Cat Grant in her office; the screens often contain Easter eggs, and the show has recently begun teasing burgeoning cloning tech.

Kreisberg also discussed Astra's big Myriad plans, saying, "You're finally going to discover why Astra did it... as you'll hear in subsequent episodes, you start to get very cogent argument on the bad guys' side for why Myriad is the way to go."

However, Kara won't be alone when she faces Non and his army of mind-controlled humans. "She has a couple of surprising players that you wouldn't expect to be the two people who are completely unaffected by Myriad to help her," he explained.

Executive producer Greg Berlanti also weighed in on whether or not there are other crossovers in "Supergirl's" future. "We want to wait and see the audience reaction to something like this," he said. "But just as storytellers and as fans of the actors, honestly, we love when we can figure out a way creatively to do it."

"The Waverider can go anywhere," Kreisberg added.

"Supergirl" airs Mondays at 8 pm EST on CBS. Developed by producers Greg Berlanti, Ali Adler and Andrew Kreisberg, the series stars Melissa Benoist, Calista Flockhart, David Harewood and Chyler Leigh.

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