Supergirl Properly Introduces a Dark Nights: Metal Character to the DCU

A Fight Between Superheroes

Despite Viking Judge clearly meaning well, Supergirl sees her brand of justice to be outdated. As a superhero, Supergirl does not like the idea of serving as judge, jury, and executioner against criminals, no matter what they do. The two battle over the lives of Director Bones and Mokkari, even though neither one is exactly what Supergirl would call a good person.

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Despite their very different power sets and origins, both heroes prove to be relative equals in a fight. Turid's magical axe is actually able to injure Supergirl, however, it is clear that the Kryptonian is physically stronger. Viking Judge puts Kara in a rather precarious position, where she must choose to either break Turid's arms or fall victim to the axe. Thankfully, another member of Orlando's band of travelers debuts and manages to break the two up.

Neon the Unknown, a classic hero originating at Quality Comics in 1940, makes his grand entrance, demanding that Turid stop what she's doing. The blind magician asks her to listen to Agnes, who seems to be a voice of reason within her. He then makes reference to a deal they made to find someone, and her fight here is getting in the way of that. Neon then whisks her away to places unknown.

The Fall of Director Bones

Even with the appearance of the Viking Judge, Supergirl still has a plot that needs to be concluded. It turns out that Turid's attack on Bones provides the good guys with just the opening they need to make their final move against him. D.E.O. headquarters is infiltrated and Bones is exposed to the media, bringing the skeletal adversary to his knees in one smooth operation.

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With Bones away from the office, Cameron Chase and Lar-On infiltrate DEO headquarters to free Shay Veritas, Strange Visitor, and Insight. Ben Rubel then sends out all the evidence of secret crimes that the D.E.O. has been involved with since Bones took over. Now that his crimes have been made public, he no longer has the resources to target Supergirl anymore.

It's hard to say how this operation would have been pulled off without the timely, and unexpected, intervention of the Viking Judge, but the good thing is that our heroes don't have to worry about it anymore. This run on Supergirl has ended as DC Comics waits for Brian Michael Bendis to reestablish the Superman franchise, including Supergirl.

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