Supergirl Soars Into "LEGO Dimensions"

Supergirl is officially coming to the "LEGO Dimensions" video game, as announced by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment as part of the Gamescom event currently taking place in Cologne, Germany. A Supergirl minifigure will be included exclusively in the Sony PlayStation 4 "LEGO Dimensions" Starter Pack, for a limited time starting in late September.

Supergirl's "LEGO Dimensions" powers will include super strength, flying, x-ray vision and heat vision blasts. ln a nod to DC Comics developments from a couple of years back, she'll also be able to transform into Supergirl Red Lantern, giving her Red Lantern Ring-constructed energy bolts and energy beams.

Following her introduction via the starter pack, Supergirl will be available in the future as a "Hire-a-Hero" character, available for a limited time within the game.

The PlayStation 4 "LEGO Dimensions" Starter Pack will include the game itself, and bricks to build the LEGO Gateway; four characters -- Supergirl, Batman, Gandalf, Wyldstyle -- along with the LEGO Batmobile and the LEGO Toy Pad.

The "LEGO Dimensions" starter pack featuring Supergirl is scheduled to hit stores and online retailers in September.

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