"Supergirl" Set Video, Photos Offer New Look at Tyler Hoechlin's Superman Costume

A new set video and round of photos from the Vancouver set of "Supergirl" Season 2 set have surfaced featuring Tyler Hoechlin in full-costume as the Man of Steel. The fresh look at Hoechlin's Superman comes only a day after the official reveal of the costume in a publicity photo with Melissa Benoist's Supergirl.

For a look at the new photos of Hoechlin in the Superman costume, click here.

Check out a few videos from the set below:

. @acarboni more flying #superman #Supergirl #Vancouver pic.twitter.com/bAA1lOmTuw

- Multi-dimensionalist (@trevorbroad) July 29, 2016

The suit in the new photos and footage looks pretty similar to the version revealed yesterday, except for appearing slightly brighter. It's possible that the suit will show up darker by the time additional color-correcting and touch-ups are added to the suit in post-production -- but based on the tone of "Supergirl" thus far, we imagine Hoechlin's take will be a much lighter interpretation of the Man of Steel than Henry Cavill's on the big screen.

Hoechlin previously said of taking on the role of Superman, "I think the fun is going to be finding where Clark Kent is in this world. I'm just excited to find out Clark's sense of humor."

"Supergirl" returns Monday, October 10, at 9pm ET, on the CW.

(via Daily Hive)

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