It Looks Like Supergirl May Don Her Own Eradicator Armor in Season 4

On The CW, Supergirl is a series that borrows a lot from the comics, perhaps even more than The Flash. Of course, the series doesn't just mine the various Girl of Steel comic books DC Comics has published over the years. No, on top of that, it also takes a lot of inspiration from the Superman comics. Not only has Melissa Benoist's Kara Zor-El gone up against Man of Steel villains like Metallo and Reactron, Season 4 of the series is set take inspiration from the classic Elseworlds Superman story, Red Son.

This past weekend, studios and networks used gigantic pop-culture convention Comic-Con International in San Diego to debut first looks and official trailers from their upcoming projects, from the next batch of the DC Extended Universe of movies to Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow's upcoming seasons. Of course, Supergirl was part of The CW's presentation, and the series debuted a first trailer for its upcoming season as expected. And while a lot of time in the video is spent recapping the events of prior seasons, it does end by giving us a glimpse at the upcoming comics-inspired storyline -- but the real shocker came in the closing moments of the trailer, when a person we assume is Kara appears on the screen wearing full-body Kryptonian armor.

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The armor is sleek, and it bears the colors and the insignia of the Supergirl costume. It features a full, face-obscuring helmet, and it appears to offer wide range of movement. We don't yet know how this new suit will feature into Season 4, but it appears to be lifted straight from the Superman comics; the armor seen in the trailer appears to be Supergirl's version of Kal-El's Eradicator Armor.

Superman Beyond Eradicator Armor

Superman's Eradicator Armor first appeared in 2012's digital-first comic Superman Beyond #8, by JT Krul and Howard Porter. The issue took place in the future, and saw an aging Superman forced to stay inside his Fortress of Solitude after Lex Luthor's daughter Lucinda hatched a scheme to surround the entire planet with a ring of Kryptonite meteors. This new ring resulted in Kryptonian radiation infecting all of the Earth -- which meant Superman couldn't get out of his Fortress without being adversely affected by the lethal poison.

In order to keep helping the planet, Superman summoned the Eradicator armor, which was stored inside a Kryptonian crystal. Once held, the crystal covers Superman's entire body in the suit, which mirrors all of his extraordinary abilities like flight, strength and endurance. What's more, the visor allows Superman to continue using his heat vision.

Supergirl's new Season 4 suit looks a whole lot like Superman Beyond's Eradicator armor. The colors are similar, as is the design, down to the lit-up chest emblem and the helmets. The mythology behind the Eradicator Armor makes it something that would seamlessly fit into Supergirl, given that we've seen the Fortress of Solitude on the show before, as well as Kryptonian crystals. Whatever the reason Kara finds herself in need of an armor, we could easily see her make her way to the Fortress and armor herself up.

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Of course, there also a possibility the television series' suit is inspired by other armors from the comics. it may be a version of Flamebird's suit, introduced during the Superman: New Krypton 2008 storyline, or even the costume Lucy Lane once wore as Superwoman. After all, the fact that we don't see the person inside the suit could come to factor into its arrival; perhaps Season 4 is poised to introduce a mystery Supergirl who isn't Kara at all.

However, given the way the trailer introduced the armor, it seems almost a certainty that it is Kara inside that suit. If that's the case, its design points to the Eradicator Armor. And while we don't expect a ring of Kryptonite meteors to surround the Earth in Season 4, a similar event could force Kara to require the assistance of some kind of power suit. Thankfully, her cousin might have just what Kara needs.

Starring Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers, David Harewood as Martian Manhunter, Mehcad Brooks as Jimmy Olsen and Chyler Leigh as Alex Danver, Supergirl returns on a new night, Sunday, Oct. 14, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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