How a Paper Shortage Delayed Supergirl's Final Issue...By a Year!

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A paper shortage led to a year-long delay on the final issues of a number of DC Comics titles



A while back, I did a TV Legends Revealed about how Johnny Carson once joked on The Tonight Show about how there was a lack of toilet paper and his joke shockingly CREATED a toilet paper shortage in the country!

Carson's comments were echoing a very real fact that there HAD been some shortages of paper in the United States. It wasn't to the extent where people wouldn't be able to get them in stores, but it WAS a real problem due to the fact there were a lot of strikes by paper mills in Canada. Canadian paper mills delivered most of the paper for newspapers and comic books in the early 1970s.

The end result was that it obviously got more expensive for comic book companies to make comic books and thus, the lower-selling comic book titles might now no longer be turning a profit. So DC Comics decided to abruptly cancel four of their lowest-selling titles in late 1973. Those titles were Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane, Secret Origin, Supergirl and Weird Worlds....

The problem with abruptly canceling a comic book series, however, is that obviously comic books work ahead of schedule, so there were already FOLLOWING issues of all of those titles in the works. DC just didn't think it was much of a priority to publish them now, since the books were canceled anyways.

However, in late 1974, after the strikes were all settled and the prices went back to normal, DC released the final issues of all of those titles, which caused some particularly humorous stuff like Supergirl tying in with a title, Prez, that had been canceled in the meantime....

Funny stuff. Thanks to the great John Wells for the information!

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