Supergirl Reportedly an Origin Story Set in the 1970s

With Henry Cavill's future as DC's big-screen version of Superman currently up in the air, speculation surrounding what's next for the Last Son of Krypton and his cohorts has abounded over the last few days. Reports have suggested Warner Bros. will switch focus to its upcoming Supergirl film, which will not only be an origin story, but a period piece set during the 1970s.

An anonymous source told The Playlist that Warner Bros.' focus was, in fact, shifting to the Supergirl project. The article claims the film will likely be "a period piece set in the 1970s (though this could change) with the young Kryptonian as a teenager."

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As Supergirl in the early stages of its production, there's a good chance that its setting might change in the future. Setting the movie in the 1970s would allow Warner Bros. to ignore Cavill's absence if the actor does part ways with the studio. However, this might end up proving unnecessary, as a new report indicates the drama surrounding Cavill's departure is fake.

A release date for Supergirl has not been announced.

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