Supergirl: 10 Powers Fans Don't Know Kara Danvers Has

For even casual fans of Supergirl, everyone knows the basics of her powers. Like her cousin Superman, Kara has everything she needs to basically make herself unstoppable: superhuman strength and speed, flight, x-ray vision, enhanced vision, heat vision, super hearing, super breath, and more. In the case of the Super Family, the list tends to go on and on.

However, there are a few powers, in both the comics and the show that fans may not know about! Some of them are so discreet that they are easy to escape your eye, while others were additions thanks to other heroes. She has always been an exceptionally powerful superhero, almost even more powerful than Superman, because she tends to not hold back her powers in the same way that Clark does.

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Kara has an incredibly special ability that, if anyone who remembers Smallville, was one that Clark Kent had as well. She can bestow powers to someone if she is holding him.

However, there is a catch. It can't happen any time she wants, she has to be electrocuted by lightning will it happens. For Clark, it allowed him to transfer his powers to Lana, and for Kara, she managed to give Leslie Willis powers.


With the Legion Ring, Kara is both able to get new powers and is able to make her existing Kryptonian powers stronger. Thanks to the ring, Kara is able to increase her resistance against people targeting her telepathically.

This is extremely good for her as power, because one of her weaknesses, like her cousin, is magic. Magic can sometimes allow the user to infiltrate the mind, so thankfully Kara has made sure that she will forever be able to resist people attacking her mind.


Thanks to the Legion Ring, Kara develops the ability to breathe in space. Although she was not born with this ability as part of her Kryptonian power, it proves effective, as it allows her to develop other skills in space, which later makes her gain the ability to travel through time (thanks to her being able to survive in space).

Breathing in space is obviously very efficient, not only for the other powers she is able to access because of it, but if there were ever a threat in space, she would be able to neutralize it quickly and efficiently.


Once again, thanks to the Legion Ring, Kara has the ability to fly, even without the yellow sun. It is likely activated through telepathic means, as she never shows much strain to do it.

It's also good for her because even though the yellow sun gives Kara her power, too much solar power can actually poison her body and kill her. It's a double-edged sword, that yellow sun. So being able to use her flight without it is definitely a good thing.


Eidetic memory is something that would definitely come in handy when fighting crime... or just trying to remember exactly what happened yesterday! Eidetic memory is also commonly called 'photographic memory'  - the ability to vividly remember absolutely everything.

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It is because of this that she is able to remember everyone she has saved, and it is also the reason why she is such a skilled investigator. She is able to use her eidetic memory to solve cases and recall things easily, using it to her advantage as she solves cases both in her superhero world and her world as a reporter.


Thanks to her superstrength, Kara is able to create a massive force when she claps her hands together. When she does that, it creates a massive shock-wave and with it, she is able to throw her enemies back from her. Of course, it does more than that. She is able to destroy glass with it, and it easily disorients anyone who is near her.

Although it is not one of her greater powers, it allows her to stall some time as she gathers her energy and mental state to come up with a plan to defeat her enemy.


Kara is able to time travel through space, since she is able to survive in it. If she finds a disruption then she is able to travel through it to go back or forward in time. She did this once to go into the future, in order to save her friends from Reign. She doesn't often do it, which is likely the reason why so many people may not know about it!

However, her occasional dabble with time travel is how she was able to interact with other heroes in the DC universe.


We all knew the Flash was able to do this, it is one of the reasons why fans love his ability so much. However, she is able to do the same, thanks to her high-speed stamina and speed. She showed this ability off when she and the Flash ran in opposite directions, not only slowing time but the general rotation of the Earth!

It comes in handy if she ever needs to get something done but doesn't have enough time to do it, but she doesn't do it often. It makes sense, since thanks to her super speed, she's able to do everything she needs to do while saving the world.


Thanks to the yellow sun, as a Kryptonian she already has a tolerance for pain, as she is basically invulnerable. However, Kara takes special care to make sure that she has an even higher tolerance than other Kryptonians.

For example, in order to take down Reign, Kara put Kryptonite on herself and fought through the pain to eliminate the threat! We've seen how many times Superman falls to his knees in the face of Kryptonite, but Kara does not let it stop her.


It may seem like such an obvious answer, but Kryptonians aren't born with this natural ability! While it's not directly a superpower, it's definitely something that makes her more super than other heroes.

Thanks to her sister Alex, Kara has become so skilled at hand to hand combat, that even if she is unable to use her powers, she is able to fight for a long period of time in a battle thanks to her incredible combat skills. In fact, she is even able to one-up Superman without using her powers.

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